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What people want in their dream kitchen

Whilst most of my readers are interested in saving money we all have our (expensive) dreams don’t we!  Oh if money really wasn’t an issue wouldn’t that just be fabulous.

A new study, conducted by one of the premier producers of granite worktops in the UK  Mayfair Granite asked UK residents to pick items for their dream kitchen if money was no object and you can see the results below.

The research polled 1,000 UK home owners and was split into five sections; worktops, flooring, appliances, lighting and style of kitchen. Those involved were asked to choose their favourite features in each area.


Neil Beard from Mayfair Granite had this to say about the survey:

“From our survey, it’s plain to see that people are taking kitchen design seriously when it comes to the materials and appliances needed to create the perfect cooking and entertaining space. Luxury items such as range ovens and granite worktops not only make a statement, but also provide the ease of use and longevity needed in such a crucial room.”

I think that it s interesting how absolutely functional and practical this dream kitchen looks whilst still being super stylish. I think people really do want their kitchen to be so much more than a style statement.

Neil doesn’t see this dream kitchen as one that is ‘out of reach’

Due to the advances in technology and machinery it is now more affordable than ever to have a custom granite or quartz worktop fitted in your kitchen.”

Well that is good to know isn’t it!



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