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What to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office

Today – What to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office

If you’ve decided to work freelance or are setting up your own business, then you’ll need to create the perfect environment to work from. A home office is the best way forward as you get full control over the design, making it easy to form one that suits your every need. However, building your own office at home isn’t as simple as just sticking your laptop in the spare room. Before you start to set one up, make sure you are aware of the following points.

What to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office


What to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office

Your Working Needs

Start by writing a list of all the things you will need to work from home. This will likely include a computer/laptop, phone, desk, chair, clock, printer and any other specific items. You might need a special ergonomic chair if you suffer from back pain or a room with a window should natural light help you be more productive. Once you’ve got a list, work out where is best to have your home office and make sure that you can get your hands on everything.

Any Spatial Limits

Don’t go and buy a new desk, chair, sofa and any other furniture for your home office before measuring it first. Otherwise you could find that some of them won’t fit and you’ll have to send them back. Space is important even if there’s only you working in the room, as a cramped atmosphere can become stressful and have a negative impact on your productivity. So, choose somewhere with enough room for everything you require.

Possible Distractions

Many people struggle to work from home as they are easily distracted. Understand what the main distractions are for you and do your best to minimise or eliminate these from your home office. If it’s your dog running around then maybe think about sending them to a dog walker in the day, or if it’s flicking on the TV then don’t have one in your office. Cleaning and tidying can be another big distraction for a lot of individuals, so making sure your home office is spotless at the beginning of every week should help stop you doing this instead of working.

The Costs

When you know what you want and need to build a home office, work out what the costs will be. This can impact on how you might pay to create a home office, as the price will vary depending on your budget, what furniture you already have and need. Searching second-hand shops and looking online can be a good way to quickly lower the costs if you’re close to budget.

Setting up a home office is easily feasible no matter where you live, just make sure you know the above for it to work out well.


What to Know Before Setting Up a Home Office

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  1. January 12, 2019 / 3:46 pm

    Hi Becky:
    Thanks for the tips. I especially relate to the one regarding minimizing distractions. It’s something I struggle with. For me having a dedicated room works best, if you have space.
    If not, choose times to work when the distractions are minimal.

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