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Would you pay extra for ‘Made in Britain?’


More and more products are produced abroad. At the same time more nd more companies use the fact items are ‘Made in Britian ‘ as a selling point.

Online voucher website, www.myvouchercodes.co.uk surveyed adults in the UK to find out if they would rather buy items which had been manufactured in the UK rather than abroad.

They asked: “Would you rather buy British made items or goods over foreign?” 58% said they would buy items made in Britain, whilst 25% said they would not and 17% did not care their stuff was made.

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It got me thinking where I stand on this and I have to say i am probably in the 17 % in regard to the fact I am not a particularly patriotic person.

I am however concerned about ethical shopping and do worry about workers conditions overseas  especially when clothing in particular is SO cheap.  I also worry about the environment and the carbon footprint of manufacturing so many items overseas and carting them over to the UK.  When people were surveyed as to why they would prefer to buy British 37% cited so it would boost the UK economy, 42% said because of better working conditions and pay and 21% said provide more job opportunities.

I cannot argue with any of that so maybe I would prefer to buy British after all. Cost is always a factor though isn’t it? Though through long experience I have to conclude quality items that you can return can be more cost effective in the long run than cheap items you cannot.

OOh it is is tricky.

Where do you stand on the ‘Made in Britian’ preference? Are you in favour or like me do you waiver a little. Or are you totally the cheaper the better? I’d love to know.






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