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10 ways to maximise space in a small apartment

When I was much younger I lived for a short while in London and had the tiniest of  apartments (we called them flats back in the day).  It was a bit overstuffed with belongings and everything was very patterned and because we were renting (and skint) there did not seem a great I could do.

How I would love live a little city apartment right in the heart of London these days. Older,wiser and a lot more interiors savvy there are so many ways I know to maximise small spaces for city living.

maximise space in a small apartment


Firstly I would take out any and every carpet and replace them with wooden or laminate flooring. I would make sure the same flooring was fitted throughout to give a unified and seamless look. There are lot of great places to buy laminate flooring in London and it can be a great value way of adding a really easy to clean and maintain floor throughout your home. For those on less of a restricted budget solid oak flooring is such a lovely way to give warmth, class and value to a home and it does really help add a sense of space.

I would paint the whole apartment in a light colour like bright white or the palest of blues to make space look bigger.


Furniture would not be oversized and would be patternless and co-ordinated,  to eliminate any sense of fussiness.


Storage would be maximised to avoid clutter and so surfaces would remain clutter free.

Hooks inside cupboards doors would enable coats and bags to be hung rather than lie around and take up visual space.


Windows would have shutters or blinds to avoid the fussiness of curtains.


I would make the most of technology using a lap top and kindle to cut down on books and paperwork as they take up room.


I would get my apartment to multitask where possible, e.g having speakers in lightblubs and an all in one music system.


I would also use vertical storage. A tall bookshelves can house many things such as radio’s, lamps, laptops, etc and thus maximise the use of space.


Multifunctional furniture is really useful too; for example, a couch that becomes a bed and a dining table that can also be a home office.


Using these tips can help you to maximise space in a small city apartment and make the very most  of your tiny home.




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