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13 Underrated Ideas to Uplift the Aesthetics of Kitchens

Uplift the Aesthetics of Kitchens withthese top tips

Aesthetic kitchens are dreams for a lot of people. Kitchen has never remained as just place where we cook. It is a place where friends and family relax and spend time. There have always been ideas rising to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Some ideas stay as evergreen and some vanish. There some underrated ideas that can uplift the aesthetics of your kitchen.

So, here are 13 underrated ideas to uplift the aesthetics of kitchens:


13 Underrated Ideas to Uplift the Aesthetics of Kitchens


Uplift the Aesthetics of Kitchens


  1. Open shelving

Open shelving is a style of showing off the containers of groceries. It was once in style but now they are not much preferred. The disadvantage of this open shelving is that the kitchen does not look organized and is too open if somebody visits.

If you have open shelving now and want to cover it well, use artificial silk trees. Even the artificial bonsai trees of good length will also cover the open shelves well and enhance the beauty of the kitchen.


  1. Backsplash tiles

Backsplash tiles are the small tiles which are placed up to six to eight inches from the kitchen slab. They used to be admired for their cute design but now they have problems while cleaning. Now, a single long slab has replaced backsplash tiles.


  1. Too many lightings

The lightings matter a lot in places like the kitchen. The varieties of lightings used have to be limited. The different lightings used for cabinet area, slab area and shelve area will make the kitchen appear clumsy. So, one kind of lightings or LED lightings are used now.


  1. Hanger poles

Hanger poles were once very popular in kitchen decors. They would provide the privilege to hang the utensils directly but without any covering. The utensils hanged were not covered in any way. This lead to dust and dirt accumulation on vessels. So, now there are large drawers in the kitchen to place the vessels or utensils.


  1. Signs and sayings

The signs and sayings were a creative way of decorating the kitchens. Now, the signs and sayings are not so, trendy as they were adopted by many. The plain upper walls are better and cleaner than placing signs or sayings.

If you still wish to add something to the plain walls, add artificial green walls. They are a small patch of artificial foliage. Even colorful artificial flowers can be added to make it look pretty. They even make your kitchen look updated.


  1. Mixture of textures

Textures always add more fun and excitement to the place. To make the kitchen more lively more textures and patterns were added. These days, people are finding them confusing and messy. A mixture of various textures are considered to be messy and haphazard for appearance. So, add one or two types of textures to the kitchen.


  1. Barn doors

Barn doors were a good do-it-yourself earlier. They were made for styling and saved a lot of money. Now, they are out of fashion and requires some alteration to help them uplift the aesthetics of the kitchen. Some artificial trees or silk trees added beside the barn doors would help their appeal. Silk trees are one of the trending decors so the combination of barn doors and silk trees would create a unique look to the kitchen.


  1. Varying height cabinets

Cabinets with different heights placed side by side makes no sense. They were earlier installed to suit the necessity of the customers. Now, as the appeal of the kitchen equally matters, so the heights are managed to be the same.

Suppose you already have a kitchen with varying cabinet heights, you can compensate with decors. Add artificial bonsai trees or faux trees to the height of the highest cabinet. This can apparently level the cabinets.


  1. Burnished metals

The metals which are polished by rubbing had its value earlier. The metals’ materials have improved so much that the burnished metal has become old metals. If you are renovating or adding a new metal component to kitchen interior, add new metals and alloys.


  1. Oversized hardware

Hardware which is large does not suit every kitchen. The size of your kitchen has to be considered before buying a new hardware. Bigger elements are not always better for the appeal of the kitchen. Bring home the suitably sized hardware.


  1. Brown granite

The brown granite which has a mixture of red and other color spots are boring. They were once common in all types of kitchens. The mixture of many different types of spots makes it look messy and heavy for a kitchen.

Artificial bonsai trees can help you if you are not in a condition to replace the brown granite of your kitchen. As artificial bonsai trees are usually available in pots, their combination with colorful brown granite looks unique.


  1. Detailed designs

The detailed designs over the doors helped the kitchen look rich and royal. They one of the costly décor for a kitchen. The more detailed door was more costly. Of late, the detailed designs are out of fashion. They are now a tiring idea and have hard edges. So plain, or simple -designed doors are preferred over heavily designed doors.

Plain doors o simple designed doors with potted artificial tropical trees on either side bring an inviting look to the entrance. Add at least two artificial tropical trees or artificial topiaries on either side of the plain looking doors.


  1. Ornate or cherry cabinets

Ornate cabinets look like cabinets which have lots of curlicues and cherry cabinets look like reddish wooden cabinets. Ornate cabinets suit classical places and not normal kitchens. Cherry cabinets are replaced with plain wood or subtle wood toned.

Place a few artificial trees on the subtle wood toned cabinets. They bring a lush look to the kitchen.


Above are the 13 underrated ideas to uplift the aesthetics of kitchens. There is some alteration required to these underrated ideas to beautify your kitchen. The alterations are discussed above. This helps you in saving money on the renovation of the kitchen.


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