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5 Budget-Friendly Fire Pit Ideas For Outdoors

Who doesn’t like a cosy yet budget friendly outdoor space? Many of us find ways to sit in peaceful spaces to ease our mind from daily chaos or even have a little chit chat with our loved ones. One such budget friendly outdoor area can be very easily created by adding a few details in your garden or even backyard !



Let’s look at how a cost effective outdoor area can be designed easily.


  • Lighting 

If you want to enhance the look of your firepit area you can go by adding a few outdoor hanging light bulbs that will make your yard look even more dreamy. A subtle lighting will not just brighten up your space but also make it look aesthetically appealing. You can also find a variety of economical outdoor hanging lights that you can use while decorating the firepit area.


  • Addition of Colors

Throwing in some colours into your firepit sitting can also attract many visitors coming into the cosy outdoor space. Adding in some colourful cushions like blues can uplift and break down green colour monotony around you. Another budget friendly addition can be a side lamp with a brighter shade that will help make your outdoor space sore to eyes!


  • Fire Pit Style

There are a wide variety of firepit styles available to make your space warm and tranquil at the same time. It is up to you to which firepit style you would like to choose . It can be a wood burning firepit or even a portable firepit with welded steel legs that can easily be adjusted and can be kept anywhere you like! You can also bring warmth & light to your garden on a summer evening – you can get fire pits in Newcastle at Forest Fuel.


  • Make it Restful 

If you want your space to look more grounded and restful, adding in a rug can help give the space a more comfortable look. Aside from it you can also put a handy blanket that will complement your outdoor firepit area. Addition of these easy on budget elements will not only make your backyard or garden soothing but also refresh the whole outdoor look!


  • Outdoor Furniture

Patio deck chairs are one of the best options when it comes to adding cost effective furniture in your outdoor space. Instead of opting for heavy sofas you can add in a wooden bench near your firepit space. This will be convenient as well as will have enough space for little gatherings you hold in your backyard.


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