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5 essentials every new business needs to consider

Essentials every new business needs to consider

When it comes to running a new business certain things can get missed.

We all spend ages making sure our business has a USP, a cool concept, and of course a good name don’t we..and of course, these elements are vital to the success of the business and key to its appeal. And this is the fun stuff!

When I started my coaching business I spent an age on these elements and was pleased with what put into place. But there was more, much more that I need to consider before launching my business.

essentials every new business needs to consider



Considering essentials such as Commercial Building Insurance are perhaps not overly exciting but are completely necessary and really important to providing the security and safety your business property requires. Rigby Financial offer both personal and business insurance and it is important to get the right policy to ensure you are protected. Do read up on the various policies and do get this sorted form the start.

A marketing plan

Building a great website to showcase your project is just not enough. You need a plan of action that will keep showcasing your product and keeping people interested. Social media is a brilliant and cheap way to do this and having a blog is great way to keep people coming to your website and seeing what you have to offer.

A way to take payment

It is so important to set up a way to take payment that is flexible, secure and enables as many of your customers as possible to easily pay you and for overseas customers to easily purchase from you too. It is paramount to look into early and thoroughly as cash flow is crucial.

A step by step plan to growth

It is all very well to focus on launch but how are you going to grow? Having a robust business plan in place is key to growing your business and it may be well getting an advisor on board to help you formulate this.

There is a lot more to starting a business than simply ‘starting a business’ but it is well worth getting these issues fully attended too in order to watch it bloom!

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