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Looking after your teeth

My teeth are really important to me.



They weren’t always.

I pretty much totally took them for granted actually and just pretty much assumed they would always be okay.

About a year ago I had to have an adult tooth taken out. It was way at the back and did not need replacing but it completely upset me. Totally. It made me really scared that maybe I hadn’t taken enough care of my teeth and that maybe they would all fall out in my middle age! A massive, total over-reaction as it turns out but one that made me sit up for the first time in my adult life and really give some proper thought and attention to my teeth!

What I need to do is find a good dentist who can advise me and may be doing some corrective work for me on what have always been a few crooked teeth and a few pointy ones. I would also like my teeth to be brighter and whiter.

It is an area I have never really spent any money on before but I am interested in costing up the treatment I would like.

Saving Faces is a cosmetic dentist in Liverpool and they can do all sorts of wonderful things to teeth – improve your smile, make it whiter, straighter, more even; if you want to fill gaps in your smile, replace missing teeth or secure loose dentures, they can achieve that for you too. (As an aside If you want to lose your crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles, they can also do that. Oh my goodness I like the sound of this place!) If you are looking for veneers Liverpool based Saving Faces have the most wonderful Gallery on their website showing what can be achieved.

I am tempted.

What would you have done to your teeth if you could?


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