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5 simple and inexpensive ways to instantly update your home

Instantly update your home

Instantly update your home

If you are looking to instantly update your home on a budget then I have some great tips for you today. Home updates can be expensive and time-consuming and we can simply shudder at the thought of even beginning the process! But home updates can be straightforward and inexpensive and we can all have that beautiful home on a budget that we all dream of.

When it comes to updating a home here as some of my best hacks.


1) Change up your duvet cover.

This is one of the speediest and cheapest home updates you can do and duvet covers can make such a huge impression. Your bed, I am sure dominates your bedroom design so by adding a bold and colourful new divet you will instantly transform it into a room with zing!  Just by changing your duvet cover colour you will add a whole new vibe to your room. Going from white to soft pink would add a romantic vibe, for example, and from white to orange would add warmth. Updating a duvet is an easy and transformative change.

2) Replace your art

You can even make your own art prints these days from photos you print yourself or even by downloading free printables. But prints generally are also inexpensive and a lovely way to add a new/different design element to your home. Just moving around your art or painting your frames can also add an updated look to your space.


3) Update your window dressings

If you swap your curtains for blinds you will find your home looks sleek and contemporary and a lot lighter and brighter too.  New window dressings can add a whole new look to your home, whether by the injection of colour or new material or design. At Make My Blinds you can get blinds at up to 70% off high street prices whilst accessing a huge variety of choice. The blinds are also hand made and come with over 500 5 star reviews. Pretty impressive! and perfect if you are looking for an update on a budget!.

4) Dressing the front of your house

A new knocker, a good clean and possible repaint of your front door, new hanging baskets and possibly a window box will all give your front door a fresh new look and be so inviting to the guest. We recently added a new door number to our front and it looks so much smarter as a result. Take a fresh look at the front of your home..does your fence need painting or gate need fixing. Simple changes her can make a huge difference..after all, it is the first impression people get of your home.


5) Declutter

I may be stating this for the thousandth time but honestly, decluttering is worth it. Not only do you make your home look brighter, cleaner and bugger you also keep only the best of things as it automatically looks better . It is, of course, free to declutter and can even make you money. So yes a simple and totally thrifty way to update your home!


instantly update your home


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  1. May 9, 2019 / 6:34 am

    Great ways to update our home. Gotta try them. Thank you for sharing.

  2. May 18, 2019 / 7:46 am

    Great hacks. Going to trying few of these tips.

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