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3 simple thrifty hacks

3simple thrifty hacks

Simple and effective savings hacks

When it comes to living a thrifty life there are some simple hacks that you can use to make it painless. Being thrifty doesn’t have to mean life isn’t fun or easy it juts means you have thought a little outside the box and chosen where to make savings.

Here are 3 simple thrifty hacks to save you money


3 simple thifty hacks


Mobile phones

One of the biggest expenses of having a mobile phone is actually paying for the handset through your monthly contract. Buying a refurbished phone or a pre-loved phone or even inheriting it from your partner who insists on a brand new one can save you so much. All you would need to do them is purchase yourself one of the unlimited data sim only deals and you can use your phone as much as you like for a much, MUCH lower cost than if you were paying off your handset. And, because you would have unlimited data, you will undoubtedly feel rich. Get yourself a cool case and no one else will even notice your phone isn’t the latest model. A simple way to have all the convenience you want at less cost.

Eating out (whilst in)

Making eating in the new eating out. Arm yourself with a great cookbook ( I recommend BOSH it is al plant-based cookbook so you will meet everyone’s dietary needs and it is straightforward and delicious to cook from) suggest one friend, brings the wine and one brings dessert and you have all you need. You will have a lovely meal, you will have got your pals together and you will have a fab evening. If you have kids you won’t even need a baby sitter and you won’t have to order a taxi. It is an all-round win.


House Swap

Whilst food and phones are ongoing expenses holidays are a once a year huge cash drain. A great way to stop holidays draining your finances is simply not to go on them – but that’s not much fun is it? A house swap acan be such a great way to have accommodation in a new location for absolutely no cost. You simply have to find someone happy to swap with you. I think friends, or friends of friends, are always your safest best when it comes to this so do get asking. You might just find the holiday home of your dreams.


So you can have what you want for less if you juts think a little outsdie the box and make a few slight changes!


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