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5 steps to a stylish kitchen

Creating  a stylish kitchen

When it comes to my kitchen I have always gone for uber practical rather than stylish, ever since having kids. Partly because they made such a mess! And partly because  my focus was just not on my home as I was so busy with them. But one of the perks of having teenagers is that they are more craful now and far less messy. I also have more time and slowly and surely I can make my home look stylish again and give it some focus and energy.

So I declare it time for a kitchen revamp and am ready to inject a litte style back on to my oh so pratical oorm


I have been perusing the Silestone Worktops and I have to say I think they are just gorgous! Silestone has lots of practical qualities such as its anti-bacterial composition the fact it is durable and non porous It is a manufactured material mostly formed from quartz natural crystals. It gives a high end look but combines this with low maintenance and great practicality. This is perfet for my needs.

The Marble Store have such a lovely range of worktops in a wide variety of textures and colours.


steps to a stylish kitchen


This worktop is made from Stone Italiana – doesn’t it look super stulsih?



I have wanted a hardwood kitchen floor for years and years and I have to say I think finally I am going to go for it.  My reseatch tells me I need to go for anengineered wood floor  not solid hardwood though.  This is becuase engineered hardwood flooring is much more durable and it can handle moisture  unlike solid wood flooring. I woul love a light oak I think but grey appeals too . Oh, so many choices!



In terms of appliances I like clear surfaces and only the minimum out on my worksurfaces.  I like very simple accessories and am not a huge fan of chrome although a state of the art coffee machine is well up there on my wish list! And I have always rather lusted after a powder blue Smeg fridge.


Kitchen table

I would have to have wooden kitchen table, big and welcoming and a real statement piece in the kicthen – something chunky and substanstial, simple and stylish, would be perfect.




I would defintiely have white walls and a collection of art prints in simple frames on the wall largely black and white with just the occasionally spalsh of colour. Oh, I can see it all now!


Do you have a stylish kitchen? What would your dream kitchen look like?



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