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7 Small Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

There are several small appliances that can prove very useful in a kitchen, but if your kitchen is small and you only have room for five, what should they be? Think about what you would use the most, and here are some suggestions that might help you decide.


Electric Kettle

Small Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

An electric kettle can be used for more than making tea and coffee. If you need boiled water for anything, you will get it a lot quicker and cheaper than boiling it on your stove.


Pressure Cooker

When you come home after a hard days work, cooking a meal in a pressure cooker can be the quickest way to have your meal ready. They not only cook quickly but they cook thoroughly and are a much healthier way to prepare your food. Some people get a bit put off by the hissing sound they make, but you soon get used to that once you realise it is all part of the process they go through.

If you are unsure about this check them out at your local electrical retailer. You may be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive they can be especially if you have, for example, AO a discount codes, that will cut the cost down significantly. Do think about getting one though because they can be such a boon in so many ways.



A blender can be a very useful kitchen appliance that takes up very little room. You will soon have that cream whipped or puree made with ease when you use a blender.


Food Processor

A food processor, like this one at Amazon, can do so many different jobs you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Just watch the size you buy. If you have a family to feed it is worth investing in a larger one, or you may soon find that you have to process to lots of everything to get the quantities you need.


Food Mixer

Want to make the fluffiest of cakes, the best Yorkshire puddings or perfect pancakes? Then you need a food mixer to ensure that your mixes are spot on. You can buy them on a stand or hand mixers, but whichever you decide on you should always get lump free batters and cake mixes when you use a food mixer.



Not many people toast their bread on the cookers grill or in front of the fire. Most use an electric toaster because they are quicker and very adjustable so you can get your toast just how you like it.


Hot Sandwich Maker

A couple of slices of bread buttered on the outside, some cheese and maybe a few peppers or some ham and you have the makings of a perfect toasted sandwich, which makes for a very cheap and very cheerful meal. Close the hot sandwich maker or panini press for just two or three minutes, and that is the job done.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the seven small kitchen appliances above are vital to the style and function of any kitchen, but there are of course many others. Think about what you want very carefully because you do not want to waste any money, and decide which would be the most useful for you and your home interior.


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  1. July 23, 2018 / 4:37 pm

    Wow, Becky. You just nailed it!
    But why you have not talked about Hot Pots, Bread Machine?
    I think these are also necessary things should have in the kitchen.
    By the way Thanks for your info!

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