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A Thrifty Way to Start a New Career

Do you love being your own boss? Do you love to help people? Are you looking for a more balanced way of living without sacrificing finances? Have you ever thought of doing your yoga training so you can teach yoga? If you already love the practice, it may be a brand new career opportunity. The nice thing about being a yoga teacher is that you can do it part-time. You can also do private lessons which bring in seriously decent money.

If you’ve ever wanted to create online courses, the yoga teacher training certification gives you the authority to do that. With so many people looking to find themselves and improve their lives, yoga is a very viable option for making money. If you do your yoga training in India, it costs very little too. Here are the benefits of becoming a yoga teacher and what you need to know.

Thrifty Way to Start a New Career

You Become More Balanced

As a yoga teacher, you’ll be put through a process of growth when you do the yoga training. You will learn and practice yoga breathing techniques, do a thousand yoga asanas every day, and learn about the spiritual aspects of the practice.

Yoga training in India especially is designed to transform you. This makes you a better teacher for others which is the goal.

You Have a New Career With Flexibility

Most yoga teachers are going to be a contractor which means you have your own schedule. If you just want to does one class a week, that’s fine if you can manage more, great. You can also put on short retreats once you get a following. These are quite lucrative and you can leverage these retreats to sell other things like your course or perhaps spiritual items (crystals, jewellery, yoga gear etc.).

Get Cheap Yoga Stuff

Once you’re a yoga teacher, you can apply to get free or cheap yoga gear from all your favourite companies. Many yoga gear companies offer you a fairly good discount when you have your yoga alliance certification. So in a way, you save money buying yoga stuff that you love. You can also purchase it for others and mark it up to the normal price if you have a space for selling items.

Creating the Course

Being a yoga teacher will often take quite some time to gather up full classes. You may just have to work with an hourly rate from the studio you work out of for awhile. If you’re looking to transition being a yoga teacher into a full-time career, you may need to do something out of the ordinary to get the necessary income you want. This is where writing a course and marketing it online can come in handy. You will likely find that you have a niche close to your heart. Maybe it’s yoga for people with health problems or anxiety.

Whatever speaks to you, you can write about it. There are many ways to get the word out there. Start with your local group of followers and branch out from there. It’s easy to create professional videos with free services online and there are so many marketing options to help you automate the whole thing. Passive income is where it’s at. Once your course is written, you don’t have to do anything but the money comes in.

Why Yoga Training in India Trumps Other Options

If you really want to springboard your new career, consider yoga training in India. India is the birthplace of yoga and when you become a yoga instructor here, you get a deeper learning experience. It is the height of yoga teacher training, learning from the source. Some of the important teachings of this complex, deep practice are missed when you are trained in the West. The authentic teachings that you get here are something you can certainly market when you begin your new career back at home.

Not only that, it’s probably one of the thriftiest ways to get your yoga training certification. The courses for your 200-hour RYT (registered yoga training) will usually last for around 1 month. They include all your meals and accommodation for much less than it would cost you at home. So not only do you get the best education to teach yoga but it costs far less. You get to experience the peaceful aspects of India in a safe way and are forever changed.

Being a yoga teacher is a fulfilling experience and gives you all sorts of freedom. How much you want to make is really up to you. Having flexibility also allows you to save money. You can choose to do classes during school hours so you don’t have to pay for daycare for example. You can minimize spending in many ways when you’re essentially your own boss. If you’ve ever thought about changing careers, this might be just the thing to do.


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