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Baltic Amber: Nature’s Ibuprofen

With Spring right around the corner, I’ve been feeling the need to kick my household into high gear and start our Spring cleaning. As to not overwhelm myself and to put it off the dreaded cleaning for just a few minutes longer, I got on pinterest and looked up “life hacks for spring cleaning”. I found some organization ideas and some articles on decluttering, but what got my attention was a pin regarding spaces in your home that get overlooked.

Baltic Amber


My medicine cabinet is home to everything my family needs to get well and stay well. This article mentioned getting rid of medicines that can be replaced by other things that take up less space, and often these products have multi uses. I followed a link to Baltic Wonder’s Website and it’s many healing properties.


What is Baltic amber? Baltic amber is a substance found in the Baltic region in forests containing conifer trees. These trees contain sap with succinic acid that is solely responsible for the many healing benefits that people have sought after for centuries. Baltic amber is renown for being the most potent amber in the world, having 4-8% higher levels of succinic acid than other ambers on the market. What are the medicinal benefits of Baltic amber? Baltic amber medicinal properties are known for having anti-inflammatory effects. You’re not only getting anti-inflammatory benefits in this bead, though, amber is also responsible for it’s mood stabilizers and it’s many antioxidants, leading to boosted moods and immunity.


How does Baltic amber necklaces work? Amber works best when it’s worn because the body heats the bead, allowing the resin to seep through the porous surface and into the body’s bloodstream. Baltic amber has been compared to nature’s ibuprofen due to its anti-inflammatory properties. When the resin containing the succinic acid is absorbed into the bloodstream, it’s as if you took a dose of the OTC medicine. It will reduce swelling and inflammation, causing relaxed muscles and decreased pain.


Does the color of amber matter? No. Amber necklaces are found in a wide range of colors. From lemonade variants to light honey and rich cognacs. The only difference offered by each color is how much succinic acid each bead carries. What you’ll need to look for, instead, is raw vs polished. Raw amber allows for easier absorption due to it’s more porous surface.


Polished amber, however, is just what the name suggest. Removing the porous surface means it’ll take a little longer for the resin to seep out from the bead and into your body. Polished amber is better for smaller children and babies, as the surface of raw amber can be irritating to young children’s skin. If buying polished amber, I would suggest getting a lighter color, as your lighter colors carry more of the healing resin. However, if purchasing raw amber, color hardly matters.


When researching amber a little further, I found that this is not a recent phenomenon or fad. For centuries Asian and European cultures have used amber for it’s healing effects. I went out and purchased amber necklaces for my entire family and replaced my Ibuprofen, my mood enhancers, and my EMERGEN-c packets. Spring cleaning started in our household with decluttering our medicine cabinet while improving our health, and I’m happy to say it was mother nature’s best advice!


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