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Things Students Actually Want to Make their Halls a Home

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Here is a public service announcement to all parents. Hold back on the care package full of Super Noodles and washing detergent. Yes, these are all very useful things that, as a new student, we will undoubtedly need. But if you’re looking to buy a parting gift for us as you wave us off to university, you might consider these items students would like. Things that we’ll appreciate when we come in from a late night of drinking our bladder under the table. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, when we’re stressed, cramming in the thick of deadline season. Buying us these gifts will transform our box room with its bare magnolia walls into a place that we’ll feel cosy and comfortable in and that might even, who knows, bolster our productivity.

How Lighting Can Make Student Accommodation Cosier

Yes, a nice lamp is all very well and practical. But be rational for a second. What eighteen-year-old ever got excited about a lamp? Fairy lights, on the other hand, are something to show genuine gratitude for. With so many varieties, you can find something to fit our interests. Buy floral chains, glowing cacti or festoon lights for that slightly vintage feel. Fairy lights add a cosy ambiance, especially in comparison to the garish ceiling light that will undoubtedly highlight the cracks in the walls and the carpet that seems to hold onto every hair that malts from our head. You could also buy cheap craft pegs so that they can hang up photographs between the bulbs and be reminded of home whenever we’re feeling a bit homesick.

Reversible Bed Linen for the Lazy Student

We don’t want to alarm you, but it’s very unlikely we’ll be washing our bed sheets anywhere near as regularly without Mum’s own personal laundrette. The time between washes is about to decrease significantly. As an already unpleasant task trying to put sheets back on the bed without getting into a tangle, fresh bedding will undoubtedly drop in our list of priorities. We’d recommend not fixating too much on that fact, because you’re likely to start feeling a little bit ill. Instead, think about a lovely set of reversible bed linen from the likes of Argos. Most bed linen these days has different patterns each side, however Argos offers some of the best value for money in homeware with many duvet sets costing under £15. Shake things up and give the dorm room a new lease of life every couple of weeks.

Boost Student Productivity with Plants

You’ve heard it before and you’ll likely hear it again. Plants really do add something to a room. Plus, they’re really cool and young people these days love them littering their space. Purchase succulents and cacti as low maintenance options that we won’t struggle to keep alive. You can also sit smugly, knowing you’re contributing to our wellbeing whilst living away from home, because house plants are said to have properties that improve our health. Apparently, they help with concentration, removing toxins from the air, as well as helping you feel less stressed. They can also assist in helping you to heal faster, ideal in the face of the ominous fresher’s flu. Did we mention they’re really cool?

Invest in Top Quality Throws

Here you could get a bit more sentimental and crafty. Create something unique, whether that’s creating a patchwork quilt made from our baby clothes or having one personalised with our name. For many years you’ve built a nest that’s safe and warm for us. Be reassured knowing we’ll be wrapped up in the evenings, probably scoffing ice cream straight from the tub. We understand that all your overbearing gifts are a projection of your love for us and your own preparation for an emptying nest. Even if you aren’t the artistic type, picking out a high-quality throw will be a significant gift. Some of the best throws don’t come cheap, so we’ll be appreciative to the Bank of Mum/Dad. Choose from furry throws to ones that are a bit fleecier, or something a bit more heavyweight like cable knits.

How Noticeboards Can Keep Students Organised

Helping us get organised is just another way you can hold our hand from a far throughout our degree. (And inevitably take some credit for it come graduation.) It may not seem it, but a noticeboard can go a long way in assisting us with keeping track of those all-important deadlines, social events and appointments. A lot of student halls will come with a drab noticeboard, but it usually comes in those dull blue and green hues associated with primary school classroom displays. Buy us a noticeboard with touches of style, like a copper framed whiteboard with matching magnets to pin up any interesting flyers we might receive. You can also find metal grid noticeboards where we can attach any key documents. Choose depending on how everyone’s mind works. Do we like to map things out, or do we have a penchant for misplacing letters?

Waving us off as we embark on the next chapter of our life is bittersweet. In a lot of cases, this will be the end of us living with you full time, relying on you to make sure we’re washed and well-fed. Realistically, we’re probably going to come back the moment you’ve started appreciating a quieter household (sorry). But for now it’s a huge, heart-breaking change that we’ve both got to grow accustomed to. With these parting gifts, you can at least guarantee we’ll be living somewhere with touches of those home comforts you’d provided for us all those years. And you won’t have to see us feign enthusiasm in the instance that you produce a bag of toilet bleach, washing-up liquid and bog roll.


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