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Bathroom Ceiling Lights Ideas and Inspirations

Bathroom ceiling lights are never given much time and attention and, just like the room they are going to adorn, they are very often an after thought.

I wanted to put the focus on them in this post because for me a bathroom is never an afterthought but a really important part of the home that deserves attention when it comes to design.

Let me tell you why, and then I will share some of my favorite bathroom ceiling lights ideas with you. Hopefully I can encourage you to look again at how you light up this special space.


Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Why a bathroom matters

We all use the bathroom all day long and our guests often use it too.  It is of course vital that it is clean and practical but why on earth would  we not wanted it to look fabulous too?

I spend a lot of time in my bathroom when I do may make up, when I bathe, when I brush my teeth and check out my outfits. I want it to be comfortable and stylish and meet all my needs and most importantly  (because I want to look my best) I need my be bathroom to be really well lit.

Bathroom ceiling lights

Lighting in a bathroom is, to my mind, more important than any other lighting in the house.  I once lived in an apartment which had next to no natural light in the bathroom and poor artificial lighting overall. Many a time I would head out thinking I looked the bees knees only to catch sight of myself and think oh wow! and realise my foundation looked awful or my lipstick was smeared and I just had not been able to tell.

Give me good bathroom lighting any day of the week!

Lets take a look at some ceiling lights from John Lewis that would work just beautifully in the bathroom and be functional as well as good looking.


Harlow ceiling light


Bathroom Ceiling Lights


I love this flush and super modern ceiling light that lets out a gorgeous diffused glow. Bathroom lights can sometimes look a little harsh and stark which can be really unpleasant first thing in the morning or in the evening when you are chilling in the bath. The soft light from the Harlow would  be simply perfect.



Astro Como single bathroom spotlight

A single bathroom spotlight would also be really useful in the bathroom focused on to the mirror where I do my make up. This would ensure we have no ‘looking like a clown’ incidents!’ too.


Bathroom Ceiling Lights



Astro Mashiko bathroom light



I love the modern look of this light and it works well with my minimalist tendencies. It is unfussy but still super stylish I think it would look all kind of awesome in a trendy and sleek bathroom.


Gleam Crystal Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light


Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Finally …

I am not the glam type but, if you are, then this is a great example of how bathroom ceiling lights don’t need to be dull! In fact, I think it is important that your bathroom is to your taste and style and in keeping with your home.  You don’t have to play it safe!

A ‘modern re-interpretation of the traditional crystal chandelier’ this would certainly bring a wow factor.


Final thoughts on Bathroom Ceiling Lights

So there you go, a few bathroom ceiling lights to get you inspired.

Don’t overlook your bathroom it can be a beautiful and stylish addition to your home rather than simply an after thought.



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