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Farrow & Ball – The Most Fashionable and World-Renowned Paint for Your Kitchen

When it comes to interior design, keeping your home looking modern and “on trend” is essential. This is especially true for homeowners who want to put their property on the market, It helps you keep up with the newest interior design trends helping improve and preserve your home’s kerb appeal so it’s ready for new tenants or purchasers when you’re ready.

The Kitchen is often the centrepiece of any home and because of the high cost of completely replacing them when they become outdated or tired, keeping them “on trend” can be extremely difficult.

With the new alternative of having your kitchen re-sprayed rather than replaced, The UK has seen a significant rise in property owners seeking out spraying companies to change the colour of their kitchens, bringing them back “on trend” and saving them a substantial amount of money.

Some of the most fashionable colours for interior decoration are based on the Farrow & Ball paint collection, which has seen significant growth in popularity in the past two to three years, according to The Stylist blog/magazine website, the most popular F&B colours are as follows:


Farrow & Ball

  • ‘Hague Blue’ – 6,650 annual searches
  • ‘Sulking Room Pink’ – 5,500 annual searches
  • ‘Elephant’s Breath’ – 5,360 annual searches


These colours are often used throughout the home whilst homeowners are redecorating, they can also be used when changing the colour of your kitchen.


Farrow & Ball – Highly popular paints for over 170 years

What is it about Farrow & Ball paint that has made it so popular? Is it because the company’s name is so appealing? Is it because they’re “extremely in” with the design world? Is it owing to the fact that the brand is well-known thanks to celebrity TV programs? Or could it be because of the high-quality

Customers are generally satisfied with the colour and style alternatives accessible, with an average 4.8 out of 5 star rating, according to a quick search on TrustPilot.

According to bloomberg.com, their firm had record sales of £87 million in 2020, demonstrating that the colours are getting more popular.


World-Renowned Paint for Your Kitchen

Their History

John Farrow and Richard Ball were both living in Dorset were local innovators, where they began their respective businesses. During World War II, Farrow worked as chemist for Ireland’s Agnew Paints, while Ball was an engineer who had spent time in prison as a POW.

At a nearby clay pit, they discovered that they shared the same enthusiasm for developing bright, creative formulations using only high-quality ingredients.

The firm began as an industrial paint manufacturer and earned a reputation for excellence, which it still maintains. During the war, they also painted military vehicles for the RAF and British Navy, as well as Raleigh Bicycles in Nottingham and the Ford Car Company.

They eventually sold their business to Norman Chappell in the late 1960s. However, a major fire soon afterwards destroyed much of the historic plant.

After more than four decades in Finchley, the company relocated to its present location near Wimborne.

During the 1970s and 1980s, when many companies were creating acrylic paints with fewer pigments and more polymers, Farrow & Ball kept its original recipes and processes.

They made the unyielding decision to convert our entire line of oil-based paints to low-VOC water-based finishes in January 2010. Making sure that their paint and wallpaper are as environmentally friendly as possible

Farrow & Ball was taken over by Hemple, a Danish firm, for £500 million in September 2021.


All Natural Tones

Farrow & Ball is well-known for its emphasis on natural pigments, which result in a warm, soft colour scheme that may be mixed and matched to create any hue.

If you would like to view their range of colours please click here.


World-Renowned Paint for Your Kitchen

Farrow & Ball Colours for Kitchen Re-spraying

When it comes to kitchen spraying, the F&B colours can be faithfully re-created. These hues may be chosen to complement your other areas of your house’s décor.

When it comes to re-spraying your kitchen, all of the cupboard doors and drawer fronts are generally removed and sprayed away from home. They are then expertly painted in your chosen Farrow & Ball colour after a thorough cleaning and degreasing.

Feature panels that can’t be taken out are generally sprayed in-situ. When it comes to parts of your kitchen where a colour change is not required, they are expertly “masked off” to preserve them..

It’s critical to ventilate a room when spraying indoors, since paint odours might be present and the goal is to spray them as safely as possible.



Since the 1940s, Farrow & Ball Paint has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality, professional paints for the home market, thus they’ve had a lot of time to develop a unique selection of hues over the last 80 years. Their increasing popularity in recent years has seen them featured on many TV shows throughout the world.

It is now possible to use colours from the Farrow & Ball range in your kitchen as well at the other rooms in your property. If you are interested in changing the colour of your kitchen, it is important that you seek out the help and advice of a professional kitchen spraying company such as Spraylords rather than attempting to paint them yourself with a brush or paint roller.

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