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Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

Replacing your bathroom faucets and bathroom fixtures can give your bathroom a fresh new look without the cost or hassle of a full bathroom remodel. Whether you’re replacing a vanity or a bathtub faucet, Maykke has a full line of products, including bronze faucets and other bathroom fixtures to meet any design or theme that you’re working with.

Working with Existing Fixtures

Replacing your bathroom faucets does not require the complete removal of your current bathroom fixtures. In many cases, you will want to work with your current vanity and bathtub faucet setup unless you are planning for a large remodel. Bathroom faucets come in many shapes and sizes. Some have a single hole which connects your hot and cold water and faucet into one fixture, while others use a three-hole model, separating the three components. If you have a three-hole model, measure the distance between each of the components, as you will need to purchase a new faucet to fit your current fixtures and plumbing setup. The same is true for your bathtub faucet; if it uses a three-hole faucet, you should plan on buying a three-hole model. Buying the right product for your bathroom will save time on your installation, as well as prevent the unnecessary hassle of returning to the hardware store to purchase a new fixture.


Choosing a Theme

As a general design rule, you don’t want to mix and match fixtures. This is easier to avoid if you change out all of the fixtures in your bathroom at the same time. If you plan on keeping on or more of your old faucets, plan to integrate that faucet’s design and colors with your new faucet. You don’t want to mix a brushed nickel faucet in your bathtub with a gold faucet in your sink. While you can mix a modern looking faucet alongside classic fixtures and cabinetry, sticking with the same general theme of your faucets will build a more cohesive final product. Likewise, think about matching, or changing out, the hardware on your bathroom cabinets and drawers to tie your entire theme together.



The Right Tools

Changing out your bathroom faucets is a relatively manageable experience and most do-it-yourselfers will be able to tackle this project over the course of a weekend. While you’re replacing your faucets, you may also want to take the time to replace your water supply lines, and give the area underneath your current faucet a thorough cleaning. Makes sure to pick up new water supply lines, a putty knife, silicone plumbers putty, silicone plumber’s tape, an adjustable wrench, a basin wrench, and some rags and a bucket if you don’t already have these items handy. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of your project and realize that you need to head back to the hardware store. Many faucets that require the use of an Allen wrench will often include the required wrench in your product packaging, but it may be a good idea to pick up a spare in the event that you lose or break your original.


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    i now have the confidence to buy our 2 bathroom faucets. my dad will finally be proud of me because i will insure him quality products ..

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