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Why I got a Fitted Wardrobe

Are you desperately seeking some more storage space in your bedroom, or for your home? Well, you are definitely not alone. Like most of us in London, driven by the dynamically changing fashion trends and the constant unpredictability of our Great British weather, we have found to stock up on one too many clothing items which we seemingly hold on too passionately to let go off.

Yes I am definitely one to add to the collective pool. I do hold on to my belongings a little too tightly, but they are my belongings – I did work for them; so why should I give them up?!

My problem has two parts – I’m do own too much belongings for which I do not have the adequate storage space for (cramming everything inside the wardrobe as long as the doors close).



So what to do? I refuse to throw everything I own away! I worked for it! I love my clothing collection. I also want to add more to it.


So how to fix this problem.

Throw away your cheap free standing wardrobe! It’s taking up way to much space and is not really providing a good storage solution with its hanging rail and two drawers. Get yourself a fitted wardrobe.  Get in contact with a company like Bravo London – they offer free design visits and can take care of the whole process.




What did I actually do?

Well, I got a fitted wardrobe installed in my bedroom. It’s beautiful! I love it. Working with the designer all the way throughout,  I feel like it’s one with me – this wardrobe is piece of me. Now, I have a floor to ceiling, wall to wall wardrobe with fitted glass and mirror sliding doors (which is great because  it doesn’t need any additional opening space to access the wardrobe).

This wardrobe has hangers, drawers with various components inside, shoe racks and locks to hold my most precious valuables inside. We designed it so my partner has his own separate part where we has a tie track and his top drawer has a section where he keeps his cufflinks and watches. Everything is just gorgeous!

If you are in need of extra storage space, my only advice – is get a fitted wardrobe. Utilize that space that you have & beautify your bedroom!


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  1. May 22, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    After going through your post I realized fitted wardrobes are best. I will enlarge my storage space as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Helen
    September 9, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    Great points and thank you for sharing them. So, I just moved into my new home last month and I’m currently doing things on my own. Adulting is quite is difficult but I’m enjoying it. Plus, learning to maintain the appliances here is definitely a must-know if you want everything in order. Anyways, amazing read. Kudos!

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