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A better way to buy homeware cheaply

top tips on buying cheap homeware cheaply

Are you looking for a better way to buy homeware cheaply ?

I am constantly on the look out for lovely things for my home that are great value. This little bowl cost me just £1.50 whilst on holiday in Corfu. It is so pretty and reminds me of a great time.

Cheap and a bit flimsy can be fine if it isn’t going to get much wear and tear.

bowl of toms

However, I bought a set of dinner plates from a  homeware store VERY cheaply a few years ago. To be honest they were pretty plain and ugly at the time but  seemed a really good price.. Look at them now…..


They are all like this scratched and chipped. I hate serving food on them as they look so awful. 

False economy my mother would have called it. I’m never going to be handing down this dinner service am I!

Yet look now at what I could for just £2 a few weeks ago from a local charity shop.

plate2, buy homeware cheaply

It is hand made and signed on    the back. It is carved and it is beautiful and it makes my heart sing to use it. So what if there is no matching set …this could become a family heirloom. I love it.

Charity shops and quality homeware or cheap items from cheap shops that don’t last or inspire?

I know which thrifty option wins for me.


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