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Interior Design Tips From The Professionals

When you’re looking for ways to improve the state of your home, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by all the tips and tricks you’re bound to have suggested to you. There are entire racks of magazines on sale at the supermarket and programmes on television dedicated to interior design. With all these ideas floating around your head, you’re very likely to be overwhelmed by it all and find yourself at a loss to work out what is the right approach for whichever space you’re looking to transform. However with these tips from the design professionals themselves, you can get closer to making your dream space.

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Breathing Space

You don’t need to overcrowd a room. Giving your furniture space to breathe is a great way of retaining a light and relaxed feel to your space. If you’re going to live in style then you need space to be able to get around with ease. It’s a good idea to create a focal point in your room, making it the star attraction in your space, around which other items can play a supporting role. In the kitchen for instance you can go for a dramatic hood while in the living room it could be a mantelpiece or an art work. Whatever it is you go for, make sure it draws attention and captures the eye. At the same time you must steer clear of sticking too much to one theme. While you may be interested in the sea, paintings of sailing boats dotted across your room ends up reducing its individuality rather than boosting it.


Colours and Pictures

When looking at your walls you must always pick the colour of your paint last of all. There are thousands of different paint colours available for you to choose from, and each varies from place to place as light sources change and impact the overall effect. Look at what is available from interior design specialists like David Phillips and see for yourself. You must find the colour that complements your furniture, artwork and other decorative additions, and you may only find the best shade for that at the end of the process. Picture the room you want to create, and build it from there. Hanging artwork at the right height is essential too: take a leaf out of the book of galleries and museums as they hang works so that the centre of each piece is 57 to 60 inches from the floor at eye level. Professionals always consider sight lines, so that the focal point is free and clear from one room to the next. If you follow their example you’ll create a masterpiece in every one of your rooms too.



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