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Cheap home decor ideas that look expensive

Cheap home decor ideas that look expensive

Much as I love to keep a thrifty home I also like to keep one that looks amazing.

I like to know I have money in the bank and savings for a rainy day. This brings me peace of mind and security and allows me to truly relax in life.

I do however absolutely love home decor and design and how my home looks and functions is definitely important to me. I am happy to buy cheap home decor ideas that look expensive but aren’t.


Cheap home decor ideas that look expensive

Let’s take a look and doors, floors and walls and how to make cheap home decor ideas look expensive.


Cheap home decor ideas


1. A great front door

Front doors are a really important aspect to a home. they are the welcome and the first impression and they are your home showing itself off to the outside world. Now a beautiful wooden door may be really pricey but actually, a second-hand great front door is a good option if you have something specific in mind that you cannot really afford.

You can also spend time lavishing attention and little money on the door you already have, a new handle and letters, fresh paint and a new letterbox can make all the difference. Add a new mat and a gorgeous hanging basket and your home looks updated and more expensive without much outlay in either time or money.


2. Beautiful flooring

I always notice flooring and I think it has a huge impact n how lovey a home looks. Stained ripped carpets, scratched and faded wood just cannot compete with super clean and stylish cheap vinyl flooring and really it costs juts so much less.

Vinyl is not what it used to be. Yes, it is perfectly suited to family homes but it is also a stylish option these days with such a wide range available. It is so durable and easy to clean and maintain it keeps looking good for a long time too. Sometimes the cheapest options are the best.


Cheap home decor ideas


3. Bespoke art

Art can be a huge outlay in terms of cost yet for me home is absolutely not complete without it.

I am a huge fan of original art too but then prices go up and up! There are many ways to buy lovely art without it costing a fortune, art colleges, Etsy, and local art fairs are all worth looking at. You could even paint your own.

Some of the loveliest art I have ever seen consisted of photographs taken by a friend of random place that touched her heart that were all captured in black and white and hung in black wood frames around her home. Think outside the box for cheap art options that bring your home to life.

Another lovely way to have art in your home is to have a go at making your own.  For example, you could use a cookie svg to make a print for your kitchen wall. Or perhaps you could stencil a mason jar SVG onto your drinking glass cupboard – making your own art is not only budget friendly it is also  lots of fun and a really creative way to decorate your home



Being creative and caring about your home does not have to cost too much it just requires some energy and focus.


I hope you found this post on cheap home decor ideas that look expensive to be useful do you have any cheap home decor ideas to share?


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