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Create coffee-table photo books worthy of showing off around your home

coffee-table photo books

Coffee-table photo books make awesome accessories.


Coffee-table photo books

Just treated yourself to a brand new coffee table? Hesitating about what to display on this practical yet decorative piece of furniture? Why not create a collection of coffee table photo books that is guaranteed to spark the interest of your friends and family the next time they visit?

Typically coffee table books are placed on display to kick start interesting conversation when entertaining guests and are filled with colourful imagery that is sure to catch the eye. However, today, coffee table books have taken on a whole new purpose and are now a must-have accessory for your Instagram worthy décor. These books allow you to create a focal point for your interior design and a simple change of books can breathe a whole new life into your living room.

Instead of investing in oversized books filled with photos of on-trend topics or destinations, you can turn your own memories into your very own centrepiece by creating coffee table photo books celebrating your greatest adventures! These decorative books will become your very own library of memories meaning you will have books that not only look great on your coffee table but that you’ll actually be able to enjoy!

Not sure where to start? Luckily for you, Atelier Rosemood, purveyors of personalised stationery and photo books, have decided to share their top five tips for creating and displaying your coffee table photos books.


1. Choose your photos carefully for your coffee-table photo books

Coffee table books are traditionally filled to the brim with eye-catching images so bear this in mind when creating yours! Some photos will not make the cut when it comes to creating a book worthy of becoming a display piece in your home so make sure that you narrow down your list of photos before jumping into creating your photo book online or via Rosemood’s app.

Your coffee table photo book can easily turn from a conversation starter to a mood killer if you have your guests flicking through thousands of photos in a bumper 200-page photo book so think carefully about the key moments or memories you wish to share with your loved ones, (and the ones you want to flick through on a daily basis).

Each photo book will tell its own story so arrange your photos chronologically for books celebrating your wedding or recording your baby’s first year, or group your holiday photos together by style or by colour to create a visually striking book that will be a pleasure to browse.


2. Display your favourite photos in their full glory

The point of a coffee table book is that they look just as great open as they do closed! Whilst a stack of photo books with stunning covers is a beautiful addition to your décor, adding a book open at one of your favourite pages is a great way to catch the eye and will also give your décor a lived-in feel that confirms that your books are there to be browsed and not just there as a backdrop for your picture-perfect Instagram photos!


Whilst photo book providers like Atelier Rosemood give you the opportunity to include up to nine photos on a page, you shouldn’t necessarily do so on each one. Photo collages are great for photos in similar styles but you will want to dedicate full or even double pages to your favourite photos so that your open photo book catches your eye from across the room. Show off each beautiful landscape shot from your travels in their full glory and know that a simple flick of the page will allow you to update your décor regularly as each new photo will provide a new memory and kick start a new conversation!


3. Vary the type of photo books in your collection

Traditionally oversized hardback books are most suited to becoming the star item on your coffee table. We would, therefore, recommend your first port of call being large photo books. Choose a printed or luxury fabric hardcover photo book to stick to the typical aesthetic associated with coffee table books or go for more budget-friendly softcover photo books for magazine-style additions to your table.

Whilst, creating photo books in different sizes allows you to create a stack that invites you to look at what other books are in the pile, you will want to keep some level of consistency in the style of your books. Opt to have each photo book printed using the same high-quality photo paper and stick to one style for each type of event, creating a collection of printed hardcover photo books for all of your travel photo albums and opting for other styles for your big life events!

There are plenty of cover styles out there and you will also be able to choose different finishes for your photo books. Matte paper is ideal for showing off the small details in photos and a light textured grain makes it a pleasure to touch as you flick through your book. A glossy photo paper is, however, a great choice if you think that your coffee table photo books are going to be flicked through on a regular basis, especially if that might be by your sticky-fingered children.


4. Present your photo books in style

Coffee table photo books are designed to help you display your favourite memories with pride! Create a stage for your photo books to show them off to their full potential. Choose your photo books to match the style of your décor, opting for fabric hardcovers that blend in with your colour scheme or opting for minimalist designs for a sleek finish to your clutter-free space.

Stack your photo books up in size order so that you can get a glimpse of each cover and then play around with accessories to compliment them. Depending on the size of your coffee table, you may find that your photo books are enough of a feature piece, but, otherwise, you can place them next to a vase, a houseplant or even just some decorative coasters to create a look that fits with your space.

If you do not have space for a coffee table and shelves are more of the focal point in your room then there is no better addition than a row of stunning photo books lined up in size order. Make sure that you add a personalised title to the spine of each of your photo books to allow you to pick out each holiday or celebration with ease.


5. Rotate your coffee-table photo books regularly

Looking to refresh your décor without having to start a DIY project? Changing the pieces on your coffee table or shelves can completely change the style of your living room. Rotate your coffee table photo books regularly to breathe fresh air into your décor or simply play around with opening your photo books on different pages to have your photos match the season or the style of the framed photos in your room!

Changing around your coffee table books will also mean that your browsing material is regularly updated so you will be able to relive different memories each time you cuddle up on the sofa as a family or you have friends around for a social event!

There is no time like the present to flick back through your photos and to give your décor a bit of a refresh, so start filtering through your camera roll or your SD cards to find the perfect images for your coffee table photo books. Putting together your photo books online couldn’t be easier but it is worth spending the time to get them right!

Choose the type and style of photo book cover to suit your space but also the event you are recording. Atelier Rosemood offers three types of photo books in various sizes so there is plenty of choice when it comes to kickstarting your collection and their top tips should point you in the right direction.

Their fabric hardcover photo books with foil stamped lettering will add a touch of luxury to your space and are ideal for those extra special events such as your wedding. Meanwhile, their printed hardcover photo books are ideal for creating an eye-catching cover featuring your favourite photo. For a budget-friendly option choose one of their softcover photo books which start from just £15 and offer a magazine-style finish perfect for your minimalist décor.


coffee-table photo books


Your collection of coffee-table photo books will become the starring feature of your coffee table or your living room shelves, inviting you and your loved ones to look back fondly at precious moments spent together, so if you need help perfecting yours, do not hesitate to get in touch with Atelier Rosemood’s friendly customer service team.


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