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Where to find cheap bulbs

Are you looking for cheap bulbs ?

Just a very speedy little post to tell you about this great deal I have found at Amazon local for 300 bulbs incl of delivery for £15.

How fabulous will they look next Spring….take a look here

There is something so satisfying in knowing you have this huge burst of colour and fragrance steadily growing throughout the winter and what a bargain! Cheap bulbs are such a great investment

Each 300 bulb collection contains (separately bagged and labelled) 50 Anemone ‘De Caen’, a mixture of reds, blues and whites; 25 Tall ‘Triumph’ Tulips, a classic bright mix; 50 Allium – bright spheres and starbursts of colour great for beginners; 25 Dwarf Narcissi ‘Tete a Tete’, mini Daffodils which are brilliant in pots; 50 Chionodoxa, pretty, star-shaped blue flowers in late winter; 50 Dutch Iris Mixed, produce shades of purple, white, orange and yellow; plus, 50 immensely pretty, bell-shaped Muscari blue flowers.

spring flowers

Don’t forget to collect your seeds for next year! Top seed gathering tips over at Growing Family

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  1. September 21, 2015 / 8:13 am

    That’s a fab deal! Bulbs always look brilliant when planted in big quantities and this little bundle will definitely let you do that – great mix of varieties too.

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