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Vintage: How to Give your Home a Retro-Modern Flavour

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It’s pretty difficult to ignore the vintage-inspired interior design patterns that are everywhere today and it’s easy to see why this particular style has become a firm favourite with so many designers and homeowners. Apart from it being an incredibly affordable look to achieve, it also allows for a considerable amount of scope when it comes to showcasing ones creativity and individuality.

Is this look something that you wish you could achieve in your home? If so, I’ve put together the following helpful tips that are designed to help you properly yield this retro wave.

Proceed with Caution

If you’re new to all things vintage, instead of diving head first into the glamour pool, you should choose to proceed with caution. Start by making small additions like retro images and accessories to your home. If you like the look and the vibe that they’re giving off, you can then move on to the next phase and make more permanent additions like vintage-inspired furniture and wallpaper to your collection.



Colours and Patterns

When making the effort to give your home a retro-modern flair, it’s important that you get the look right. You can still choose to have bifold doors from Vevo Windows installed in your living room, it’s just up to you to get the colours and design of the room perfect so that they are amongst the standout features of your home.

For a sweet atmosphere in your home or a particular room, add some quality teak furniture and complement its look with neutral colours and shades of white. If you’re looking to achieve a more industrial style flair, it’s best to go with objects that are made from steel, raw wood and glass. Colourful geometric patterns and furniture with a little kitsch style are the best option for a fun and light-hearted look and feel.

Where to go Vintage Shopping

Garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops are by far the best options if you enjoy the experience of rummaging through items to find some special pieces. If money is not an issue for you and you like to spurge from time to time, get yourself down to your local antique shop where you’ll be sure to find some one of a kind pieces

Whn talking vintage it’s not all about the price you paid and where you bought your items from as the story behind the items and where they came from are much more important.

Find the Right Balance

As with most interior design concepts, vintage is all about achieving the right balance. Filling your home with too much stuff that symbolises different eras and designs will make it appear swamped, messy and totally unorganised. You can keep your modern style décor and just mix it up by injecting some personality into it through the addition of some vintage-inspired key items and design trends.

As you’ll probably have learned, all it takes to give your home a retro-modern flavour is a little time, effort, creativity and inspiration. Think about what you want the finished look to radiate and signify and use these goals to be your motivation in your very own interior design project.

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