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Great Value Toys and Games

Christmas does not have to cost you a small fortune if you are savvy where you shop  and really think about what you buy.Why not buy something for your home that is great value in every sense of the word.

DC Comics Monopoly

When it comes to buying good value toys and games I like to buy items I know have a lot of play life in them. The latest gimmick on TV is not going to have nearly so long a life as a chess set or a pack of cards.  I used to play cards and draughts for hours and hours and hours with my lovely grandad.

I think the chess set we have has been around for over 10 years. Games like Frustration, Monopoly  and downfall are also bought out time and again and all the family love them.

Jigsaw puzzles too can have a long life and its is so nice to see kids put down their consoles and gather round the table with heir older relatives all trying to find that elusive piece.

I played Frustration this weekend with my 7 year old daughter and 67 year old Great Aunty. I played it when I was 7 and with my Grandma and great Uncle. We laughed then and now. Now that is the sign of a toy that lasts!

I actually think buying a board game is a nice idea for a family. Everyone will get something out of it , its isn’t like a box of chocolates and gone in mere moments and it will being hours of pleasure.


It’s so much cheaper to buy a board game than a Ps4 and you get something more from such games something timeless and something that strengthens family connections too. So why not save your money and invest in something a bit more meaningful when you a buy a game this year.

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