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Making a home accessible

One in five disabled people require their homes to be adapted to make life easier.

Every thrifty home needs to be fully functional  for the person that lives there. Some  needs are absolutely essential I believe and meeting them are a priority. Personal care, food and sleep are  areas crucial to our well being. I think if you get these areas in you home sorted first you are going to be pretty happy in your home.The reality is thought that

One of the main source of support older people  and people with physical or mobility impairments need in their home are around these areas, if they can still manage stairs, personal care and food prep in their kitchen then they can retain most of their independence. There are a huge amount of adaptations that can help with access and one size does not have to fit all.  A home needs to work for the individual.

Many of us have individual needs. I have some health issues that cause me back pain and having a supportive mattress is crucial to my coping with this. Your home hs to be geared towards you and your needs.

There are s o many possibilities to improving access int he home and to ‘helping’ you would be amazed.

Have a look at the infographic below

Evolution of the Bathroom

Infographic from www.Premierbathrooms.co.uk

There really are just so many ways to adapt a bathroom so it works for someone. A bit of creative thinking can make all the difference and really encourage more independent and dignified living.

I do believe a home needs to be warm light, bright and filled with things you love ..absolutely. But it also needs to be totally suited to your physical and practical  needs and I think this has to be a priority.

Is there anything practical you would change about your home? Does it meet all your needs?  Are your family all able to access it?

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