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How a new home can cause allergies

Do you think of old and damp, mould ridden homes as the homes that can cause allergies?

Well you would be right.

A lot of people have allergies to dust mites, damp, mould and house mites and old homes can often be rife with these. The very thought of these unpleasant issues  and potential health risks could completely turn you off buying a property couldn’t they? No matter how much of a bargain the old house might be!


How a new home can cause allergies

How a new home can cause allergies

You may consider a new home as a much a safer option allergy wise, pristine and barely used, you think it’s going to be fresh as a daisy and cause your family no issues.

But actually let’s re-think new houses – are they completely risk free where allergens are concerned?

Well as it happens no they aren’t although the allergens may be far less obvious.

Room sprays are quite unnecessary and can cause allergies and even asthma! To entice you into your new home room sprays many have been used liberally. Crank open those windows

New carpets in ­particular can be a real problem and often new homes are kitted throughout with new carpets. They are often full of noxious chemicals

Does your new home have a lot of cheap furniture in it and already there shelving?  If it is made from manufactured wood it may contain formaldehyde – a chemical that can give off a colourless gas that cause breathing irritation.

So yes, just a few example of how a new home can cause allergies.




What can help with allergens at home

  1. Dust well and often
  2. Air your house well and regularly – get those windows open.
  3. Don’t let anyone ever smoke inside.
  4. Get a great vacuum cleaner.
  5. Keep pets downstairs and wash their bedding regularly.
  6. Wash and cover pillows.
  7. Keep your bed and mattress clean.
  8. Keep pollen on the down low in your home.
  9. Use natural cleaners wherever possible.
  10. Get an air purifier.




Take a test and really pinpoint your problem

It is also well worth doing an at home allergy test to try and pin point what it is that you are allergic too so you can take direct action, Take a look too at this great article on how an allergy blood test works so you know exactly what it entails and how it can help you decide what to do next.

Knowing exactly what the problem is always makes find a solution so much easier!  It could after all not be your new house that is causing you an issue but perhaps your new washing powder – always best to find out!

New homes are not the allergen free option you think they might be but get investigating and you’ll soon have your problems under control

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