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How to Create Nostalgic Room Design

As England finds itself back in lockdown, times like these can make us reminisce back to happier times. Although we should always look forward, we can recreate happier times in our homes through simple design trends.

Here are some simple and budget-friendly changes you can make to your home to recreate a nostalgic design.



How to Create Nostalgic Room Design

Nostalgia Through Pictures

The simplest way of creating nostalgia is to remind people of times gone by through photos. In recent years we have seen many trends come and go, from floating frames to wall galleries of memories.

There are several ways to arrange your pictures around the home which can be incorporated with your interior style. Some popular ways to arrange your imagery are below:

  • Try black and white photos in colourful frames to add that pop.
  • Think about what type of frame is best for your home. Choices include shadow box frames, stacked frames and floating frames to name a few.
  • Consider where in your home you place the imagery, think about where you spend the most time and go from there.

Adding some nostalgia to the home through imagery is simple and doesn’t have to cost much either; you could even get crafty and create your own frames.

Nostalgia Through Smell

Every home has its own scent and as we get older, we find that certain smells can take us back to a special time in life. We’re not saying you should fill your homes with scented candles and diffusers, but with a strategically placed fragrance you can create a perfect place to reminisce.

When entering your home, it is important you feel safe and happy, therefore consider placing a diffuser or fragrance in the entrance. You may also decide to purchase a fragrance for certain occasions, or to use at certain times of the day. Perhaps when you sit down to relax, read a book or watch television.

Nostalgia Through Light

As well as using candles for their scent, you may also want to create a relaxing ambience and one of the best ways to do this is through light.

Lighting is an important element in any home, but when you are trying to create a happy place, the correct lighting is essential. For example, if your happy time is the festive season then candles and fairy lights are the way to go. On the other hand, if you like the summertime then opt for a brighter light as a main feature of the home.

There are several things you can do around the home to take you back to happier or special times and it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. All you need is a little imagination and the motivation to recreate.


How to Create Nostalgic Room Design

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