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The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist

Today – The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist

You’ve finally sealed the deal – you’ve managed to sell your home quickly and you’ve bought a new home!

Nevertheless there is still the actual moving to consider.

There’s so much to remember when moving home, whether it’s just a few streets or a hundred miles away!

This ultimate moving home checklist will keep you on the right track so you’re not panicking when moving day arrives!

The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist

let’s take a look at what needs organising



Before you start to pack up, there’s a LOT of administrative work to do.

You’ll need to:

  • Confirm your moving date with the conveyancers, house sellers, and current landlord.
  • Redirect your post to your new address, and start changing your addresses with the people and companies that send you stuff through the post.
  • Extend your home/contents insurance to your new home.
  • Switch your broadband, line rental, gas and electricity accounts to your new property.
  • Notify your workplace, doctor, dentist surgery, and children’s school of your residence changes.
  • Change your address on your TV licence and any subscriptions you may have!

To keep you admin tight, designate a folder or box to keep all of your important files in one place and sort them according to what they are. I.e. bank, insurance, home, subscriptions etc. This way you can easily find the papers you need when you need them.

Removal Company

If you aren’t moving far and don’t have too many bulky possessions, you can maybe pull in favours from family and friends to help you move, perhaps in return for a nice dinner or babysitting services!

Alternatively, you’ll need to contact removal companies, getting quotes from 4 or 5. Check out reviews and base your decision on cost and reliability.

It’s important that you book your freight help as soon as possible, regardless of whether the help is family or a professional company. Removal companies need to be booked in advance and assuming your friends have other friends and lives to tend to, so do they.

The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist


This is the perfect time to declutter your home.

Go through all your belongings and decide whether it deserves a place in the removal van and ultimately your new home.

Donate things to charity, friends and family, or rent a self storage unit in London for anything else.

Decluttering extends into the kitchen cupboards and the depths of your freezer! The final few weeks before moving day will involve a lot of culinary experimentation, where you’ll frantically be thinking of ways to combine dried red lentils, frozen corn, and the dregs of jars of mango chutney and dijon mustard.



You might be feeling a bit tired now, so take a breather before you get back on it. It’s time to start packing!

Invest in decent packing boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.

Pack away your least used items first. Your loft, garden shed, and spare room will get the ball rolling.

Closer to moving day, pack up the other rooms, evenly distributing weight amongst all the boxes. Label all your boxes with their contents and their designated room.

Keep small items like screws and bolts in envelopes or freezer bags so you don’t lose any. You don’t want to be assembling your bed and realise you can’t attach one of the legs!

Make a full inventory of all your possessions so you can track any missing items.


Before moving day, give your new home a deep clean.

In your current home, defrost your fridge/freezer, clean other appliances, and wash all your used towels and clothes – you don’t want to be lugging dirty washing to your new place!

After you’ve moved most of your stuff out, then you can embark on a deeper clean of your current property.

Moving Day

Set aside a moving day kit, full of easy-to-reach items like a first aid kit, things to make tea and coffee, some snacks, and box-cutting tools.

If you’re travelling a fair distance, you’ll need an overnight bag too.

Print off emergency contact details and directions to your new home for the removal workers so they can easily get in touch.

Remember to take meter readings at your old and new properties and be quick to plug in appliances like your fridge, freezer, and kettle to make a well-deserved brew for the removal team (and yourself!).

Work out where the stopcock, thermostat and boiler are too!

Once the removal team have departed, it’s time to take another break with a takeaway before tackling the next stage: unpacking.



It’s a lot of work but it’s so worth it when you’ve finally set up home in your new property.

Moving home is a great time to take stock of all your belongings and start a-fresh.

Self storage is a great option for storing things mid-move and beyond, keeping them secure, and your new home clutter-free!

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