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How to revamp your front door


 how to revamp your front door


How to revamp your front door – top tips

Do you want to know how ot revamp your front door? Maybe you want to improve the curb appeal of your home. Perhaps you are tired of looking at your paint-flaking old door or you are feeling like refreshing your door with a new coat of paint. No matter why you want to change the look of your entrance door, this guide will give you some ideas on how to do it.

Front doors are an extremely important part of a house, but sadly, they are often overlooked. Front doors are one the first things your friends and family see when they visit your home (even your neighbours will be looking at your front door!), so you want to make sure it will look as good as possible. As Real Homes mentions, “a natural hardwood front door can over time start to look a little shabby and tired”, however, there are various ways to give it a more welcoming touch.



New coat of paint.

There is a wide variety of colours and patterns that you can choose from to paint your door. If you want to show your personal style and taste through your entrance door, why not paint it with your favourite colour? You can also make it stand out from your neighbour’s ones by giving it a really bold colour, including bright red or lime.

Alternatively, choose a softer colour, such as white or beige if you want a subtle change. You can also match your front door to the houses around you if you want to give it a uniform look. Neels Cornelissen mentioned on the South African Home Owner that your front door should match the architecture of your home, as well as enhancing its character.

It’s quite easy to paint your front door, you can either do it with the door mounted or by removing the door and all its furniture. To get a better finish, I’d recommend removing the door from the mount. Then, sand down the door slightly to get rid of the old paint and scratches.

Once you’ve sanded the door, apply a primer and wait for it to dry. Then, use a brush and a roller to paint your favourite colour on the door. Finally, you can also apply a stain or varnish to give the colour a good seal and a glossy appearance.

In case you don’t have enough time to paint your front door or you simply don’t want to get your hands dirty, the Handy Squad can do it for you. The Handy Squad is the premier handyman service in London and offers a wide range of services that you might require to renovate your front door and more.



If you’re not one to paint your front door with bold colours, you can always opt to gloss the door. Glossing will give a polished fresh new look to your front door.


Give your front door a different look by picking the perfect door furniture. Door furniture also referred to as door jewellery, can make or break the overall look of your door. Choose from door knockers, door handles, cylinder pulls, centre door knobs or other door hardware to give your door that wow factor.


Is your front door beyond repair?

Perhaps your front door is on its way out – it’s full of small cracks, the colour is fading, it’s just simply grubby. Instead of picking a colour to paint it, the best solution would be to pick a new front door. There are endless choices of front doors to suit your home and style. The Handy Squad has a team of highly-experienced carpenters in London who will be able to hang your new door.




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how to revamp your front door

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