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How To Select The Right E-liquid For Yourself?

E-liquid is known as vape juice and is one of the elements in any vape device. There are three major ingredients included in an e-liquid. Those three ingredients include Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, and flavours; nicotine can also be added, but it is optional If you want to know the best vape liquid, keep reading this blog. 

If your e-liquid is not in good condition, you can’t get a good taste because e-liquid is responsible for the flavours. There are a few types of e-liquid, and it is necessary to know about them because it will help you to choose the right e-liquid. Disposable devices, like Aroma King 7000 and Aroma King 600 puffs, have pre-filled e-liquids.

The Concept Of Nic Salts: 

The nic salt is perfect for people who are interested in the consumption of nicotine. The basic purpose of salt nicotine is to allow higher nicotine strength without experiencing a rough throat hit. You can use the nic salts e-liquid in your starter kits and pod mod kits. Aroma King vapes have nic salt in their pre-filled vape juices.

VG And PG: 

VG and PG are the two main ingredients in any e-liquid. If you want to enjoy the taste of the best vape liquid, you should consider the ratio of PG and VG. VG is responsible for thick clouds in vaping; if you are fond of huge vapours, you should choose an extra ratio of VG for your e-liquid. On the other hand, PG is responsible for the flavours and nicotine hits. Those who are fond of flavours can go for more PG e-liquids. 

How To Find Which E-liquid Is The Best: 

The first and most important thing is to decide which vape device is perfect for you. If you are using a disposable vape, like Aroma King vape, you need to figure out which e-liquid is perfect for your vape device. Nic salt e-liquid is perfect for starter kits, so you can use these e-liquids in your vape devices. On the other hand, if you are using reusable devices or advanced kits, you can make the e-liquid quality better by choosing nic salt over freebase nicotine; picking the right flavour and PG/VG ratio is also crucial.

How To Decide Nicotine Strength: 

Deciding on the nicotine strength is easy. If you smoke one or two cigarettes per day, you can choose 3mg of nicotine strength in your Aroma King vape device. If you smoke under ten cigarettes daily, you can pick 6mg of nicotine strength. In the case of 20 or more cigarettes, you should go for 20mg nicotine strength if you are a heavy smoker. For those who want to be addiction-free, a 0mg nicotine strength is also available.


The best thing about vaping is freedom. You can keep the nicotine strength according to your choice in the vape liquid. Disposable vape users, like Aroma King 600 puffs, can choose pre-filled nicotine concentrations. But, if you are using a mod pen, you can select shortfill e-liquids and fill them in your vape tank. So, it’s completely up to you what type of vape liquid you want to use in your vape device.  

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