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Feeling Cramped? 7 (Possibly Surprising) Ways to Free Up Space in the Home

So you live in a small space, and you’re starting to feel as though it’s just that little bit too compact for your needs. You never seem to have any room, and it’s starting to get a bit much. It’s bad enough when you’re in this situation and you live alone, but when you have other people to factor in, a small space gets a lot smaller.

The first thing that will often come to mind is moving, but that’s expensive and emotionally draining, and, in many cases, unnecessary. There are a number of ways you can stay where you are and free up space. Read on to find out more.


Use Your Walls 

Are your walls quite bare? If they are, you’re wasting potential storage space. You don’t want your home to get smaller because you’re using all the walls and literally reducing the size of the rooms, so be careful, but walls can be hugely beneficial when it comes to freeing up space. By putting this part of your home to good use that you wouldn’t normally use, you will free up space in other parts of your home.


Ways to Free Up Space in the Home

Use Multipurpose Furniture 

The evolution of furniture styles has been remarkable, and in today’s market, there are compact designs available that have the ability to switch forms and fulfil multiple roles. A very simple example would be an ottoman that can be used as seating and storage, but there are more complex options too.

Balance Your Furniture 

In spite of what you might think, rooms look bigger when they are furnished than when they are not. Don’t get rid of furniture to make it look like there’s more space. Instead, keep the furniture for a more open layout and feel. But don’t fill your home with so much furniture that it’s hard to move around. Find a good middle ground.

Make Your Rooms Multifunctional 

The concept of having a room for every use is appealing, but it may be a logistical nightmare for those living in smaller spaces. If you have the option to combine two rooms into one, do so. Even a box room will provide more space than you had before, and you can easily convert a bedroom into a workspace. Add mini fridges to a spare room or living room, and you can make it even more useful, for example.


Buy Customised Storage

Take stock of what you’ll be putting away, and then purchase some storage units designed specifically for that. If you go with a bespoke unit, you can make it the perfect size for the space you’re working with and design it so that it stores and arranges your belongings with ease. This way, it serves its purpose without being conspicuous and can even enhance the aesthetic value of your living space.

Repurpose Wasted Areas 

You might not realise it now, but your home’s landings and hallways are actually huge storage potentials. With the help of custom cabinets installed into wall voids, you can greatly improve your home’s efficiency and give the impression that there is more room there than there actually is.


We may think we need more room, but what we really need is fewer possessions. It’s tempting to go out and buy furniture to store things in an effort to keep them all in one place, but eventually, the furniture will start to feel more cumbersome than the things it’s housing. Put aside some time to ruthlessly declutter your house, and you’ll have a lot more room immediately.

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