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How Zero-Waste products can save you money

How Zero-Waste products can save you money


A look at How Zero-Waste products can save you money

Have you ever wondered how Zero-Waste products can save you money?

There is a tendency to think that Zero-Waste products will be expensive due to the materials used to make them and that actually for those of us with less money this lifestyle change is going to be ‘too hard’.  It is a bit of a myth actually and it can really put people off embracing Zero-Waste.

So let’s take a look at it, shall we? Let’s look at what Zero-Waste products are and how in fact, in a lot of cases, making the switch to Zero-Waste can actually save you money.


What is a Zero-Waste?

We all know environmental pollution is a huge and growing problem and a lot of it is down to the waste we produce. Zero Waste is about generating little to no waste. As a lifestyle, it is definitely something to embrace but it is not an all or nothing philosophy.

  Zero waste is more of a goal than a mandate. Even strict zero wasters produce some trash, but by cutting that amount down as much as possible, they’ve greatly reduced their environmental impact, simplified their lives, and likely saved some money at the same time. (Real Simple)


Example of how  Zero-Waste products can save you money

Let’s look at a few examples of where Zero-Waste products can actually save you money as well as the environment.

Packing your zero-waste lunches

Buying food on the go accounts for a huge amount of waste. Taking it with you saves both your pocket and the environment.

I am rather in love with this stainless steel lunch box (£21.95)  This strong, stainless steel two-tier lunchbox makes flimsy Tupperware and single-use containers a thing of the past. You will be so proud of it you will WANT to pack yourself a healthy/pretty/homemade lunch!  It comes with separate sections to store different parts of your meal and tight fasteners to prevent any spilling. You can resue it of course thus reducing even more waste. Cling film is full of chemicals and rarely gets recycled ..a great food tin is a good solution. Here are some more fabulous cling film alternatives




Reusable Food Wrap

These reusable food wrap sets (£9 for 5)  are a fabulous way to eliminate single-use plastic. Perfect for cheese, fruit bread vegetables or snacks and stop the need for cling film. At just £9 they can be used again and again, perfect for packed lunches. Beeswax food wraps (or their vegan alternative) are compostable and last up to a year more cost-effective than cling film (plus of course so much better for the environment). They can just be washed in cool water too.



How Zero-Waste products can save you money


Reusable water bottles

A reusable water bottle is such a great investment. This gorgeous tiger stainless steel water bottle is super stylish. Much more importantly though it can be used again and again and again. Just think how much you will save in the long term by not buying disposable bottles anymore.


So just a couple of examples here (and I really could go on and on) of how using Zero-Waste products really does help the environment by avoiding single-use plastics and how Zero-Waste products can save you money too

2 awesome reasons to be a conscious consumer.

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