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Innovative Ways to Furnish a Home on a Budget

If you have just moved into a new home money can be tight, very tight. I still remember visiting friends who only just had enough cash to buy a mattress and a sofa. It took them a couple of years to pull together the funds to buy all of the furniture that they needed. Today, they have a lovely home and I visited them the other day, which got me thinking and made me realise that a post about furnishing a home on a tight budget would be useful for many of you.

Try recycling sites
In many parts of the world there are recycling websites that allow people who have furniture to give away to advertise the fact online. To take advantage of this all you need to do is to join the site and keep an eye out for free furniture in your area. A great example of this kind of site in the UK is Snaffleup.

Look in local papers
Sometimes it is possible to find free or very cheap pieces of furniture advertised in local papers or on classified websites like Craigslist. Just bear in mind that most of the time people will want you to pick up the item, so you may need access to a van.

Rent your furniture
In the past, many families rented their furniture, but during the 70s and 80s, most of the firms that offered this service went out of business, so I thought it was no longer possible to do this. Fortunately, it turns out I was wrong.
Once again, there are companies out there that offer a furniture rental service. If you cannot find one in your area, try looking at a home staging company. Many of these companies stage show homes and apartments that are for sale. Often they will happily lease furniture to homeowners.

Restore your existing furniture
If you already own some basic furniture, try updating it rather than throwing it away. Re-upholstering dining room chairs is an easy job that does not require any special skills.

It is relatively easy to rub down wooden furniture and repaint or re-stain them. Paint is not expensive, so this option is within most people’s reach.

Swap furniture and accept gifts from friends
Sometimes you can swap items of furniture with friends and families. If you are lucky, your friends and family will offer you items of furniture as gifts.

Buy second hand
If none of the above options gets you the furniture you need you could always consider buying second hand furniture. It is normally extremely cheap to buy furniture in this way. Just remember to factor in the cost of delivery and any repairs or restoration costs.

Wait for the sales
Waiting for the sales is another great way to get your hands on good quality furniture for a low price. You can buy furniture at up to a 70% discount if you buy in the New Year or Black Friday sales.




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