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Inspiring patterned tile ideas to bring character to your home

Inspiring patterned tile ideas to bring character to your home


Bold, beautiful and full of charm, patterned tiles are the perfect way to add character to your home. It can be tempting to play it safe when decorating and stick to minimalist surfaces – the new-build colour scheme of magnolia walls and beige flooring is ubiquitous for a reason. But putting artful patterned tiles in the right places can turn your walls and floors into design features of their own, and elevate the overall stylishness of your home.

When using patterned tiles, there are some golden rules to stick to stop them overwhelming a room’s design scheme:

  • Use patterned tiles as you would with any bold design feature: sparingly for maximum effect
  • If you want to use patterned tiles across a large surface area, try alternating them with white tiles to break up the pattern and make individual tiles stand out
  • Pair patterned tiles with subtle surfaces in greys, whites, creams and new neutrals for a stunning contrast

Choose shabby chic with patchwork tiles

A well-co-ordinated set of printed patchwork tiles is the perfect way to add rustic charm to a home. Use patchwork tiles to create a striking backsplash or feature wall to give your cooking space the warm and welcoming feeling of a country kitchen.

Choose bright and bold patchwork tiles and use them in strategically small spaces to bring a pop of colour to any room.

Enjoy summer all year long with Moroccan tiles

If your home is feeling a bit dull or drab, you can introduce the feeling of sunnier climes with a stunning Moroccan tile. Evoke glorious, sun-soaked interiors with a warm colour palette and Moorish designs. With their intricate geometric designs and earthy colour palettes, Moroccan tiles are a patterned style that is always on-trend.

To prevent decorative Moroccan tiles overpowering a room with their loud, rhythmic patterns, use them to create design features in the centre of your floor or on one of your walls. Moroccan tiles look best when framed so they’re perfect for alcoves, chimney breast cavities or fireplaces.

Keep it classic with traditional tiles

Making a statement with patterned tiles need not mean breaking with traditional style. Use Victoriana floral tile patterns for a sense of classic luxe. These styles are often available in subtle colourways, such as greyscale and monochrome, making them ideal for larger surfaces.

Traditional prints in blue colour palettes capture the feeling of quaint European pottery and are ideal for bringing continental charm to space.

Tile patterns and formations

Printed tiles aren’t the only way to bring striking patterns to your walls and floors. You can also lay your tiles in a variety of tile patterns. Mix and match complementary colours for a gorgeous pattern effect:

·         Straight / stack bond tiles

·         Diagonal lays

·         Herringbone tiles

·         Basket weave

·         Arabesque



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