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Interior Design for Children’s Bedrooms Inspired by a Disney DVD

Bedrooms Inspired by a Disney

It is a pleasure to watch children grow and develop. To see the type of things that sculpt their personalities and that engage them. There are many things we can do to help nurture and support our children and a stimulating living space is one of those. It is with this in mind that we take a look at interior design and how you can take inspiration from a Disney DVD for children’s bedrooms.

Interior Design for Children’s Bedrooms Inspired by a Disney, Bedrooms Inspired by a Disney

Focus on What Makes Them Happy

One great way to find inspiration for the interior design of your children’s bedroom is to focus on what makes them happy. This may mean browsing the pages of some of their favourite books or watching their favourite Disney DVD to pinpoint images and colour schemes that you think may work.

A wall featuring some of the characters or a scene from the book or film could make for a really nice ambiance to the room and act to facilitate creative play. Whilst leaving the remaining walls relatively neutral will allow you to hang pictures and paintings without the room looking too busy.


Colour Therapy

Another consideration when seeking inspiration for the design of a child’s bedroom is colour. Using colours that your child likes is a good starting point, but also thinking about the effect colour has on their mood is also important.

For example, it may be the case that the child loves bold colours and whilst this is fun, those colours may not be exactly easy on the eye or relaxing. It may be wise to try to use colours that are calming and not too intense.

This way when it is sleepy time, the child’s brain isn’t focused on a décor that isn’t conducive to rest.


Storage, Books and Toys

Storage can really help make a children’s bedroom as, carefully thought through, it can mean the difference between a perpetually messy room and one that is ordered.

There are two factors that are worth taking into account here. First, if you cram too much stuff into the room, no amount of storage is going to prevent it looking messy. Plus, an abundance of toys can stop your child engaging the creative part of their brain – sometimes less is more.

One storage unit for clothes, somewhere for books and one toy box should be more than sufficient for a young child’s bedroom, particularly if it isn’t a large space.

Interior design for a child’s bedroom is all about balance. Without balance the room may look like a bit of a nightmare, but get it right and it’ll be sweet dreams.



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  1. August 29, 2018 / 11:27 am

    Safety is yet another important factor to be considered while designing a child’s room.

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