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Kitchen design ideas – Know how to make your kitchen look wonderful

It is often said that a kitchen really is the heart of a home.  It is most definitely the heart of our home.

A home needs a great looking kitchen. A well designed and well maintained kitchen just makes life so much easier. We spend so much time in ours..do you? I cook, craft, eat, paint, and even work in my kitchen! So important to me that it is a lovely calm and inspiring place to be.

We lived for many years with the ugly kitchen that came with the house and I am still looking to renovate the very basic units that we have.  One of the easiest ways to renovate your kitchen is to add in new work tops like  Caesarstone Quartz Worktops to your kitchen.

Worktops made of quartz are heat resistant as well as scratch proof so not only are they going to look great but they are going to really last too, you want to be able to really use your kitchen  not just for it to look good!

No point having a nice looking kitchen you are scared to  cook in.

I have so many different  kitchen design ideas. I like the idea of a country kitchen that is warm and cosy, wooden tables, fresh flowers, and lots of cream appliances I also like the ideas of bright white, modern and minimalist too with lots of sleek stainless steel, think it is nice to have a style or theme to coordinate the look of a kitchen.

I do like light colours in a kitchen no matter what is in fashion. Such will help you make your kitchen look bigger and brighter! keeping window sills and window dressing simple and uncluttered also helps sunlight to enter your kitchen and a greater sense of space.

A good looking kitchen should not be your only aim. You should also ensure that your kitchen smells good too. Regular airing is important and good ventilation is a must. Bins should be emptied regularly and floors cleaned as well as windows opened.

I think decluttering makes the biggest of impacts too so keeping the surfaces clear really will help make your kitchen look wonderful. Decluttering just takes iron will, decision making  and a determined attitude. As well as plenty of bin bags. Don’t keep anything that isn’t either beautiful or useful to you. Space  really opens up a kitchen and so you want to create as much of it as you can.

When it comes to renovating the kitchen think long term and classic rather than just what is on trend now. It is  a renovation you will be living for a while so you need to be able to enjoy it over time. A kitchen is also really important when it comes to selling your home, so I would advise choosing something most people would like as a guiding principle. Nothing too quirky but a simple beautiful and classic look.


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