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Love Aroma Candles

Love Aroma candles are just beautiful. Every home should have candles in I believe. They inexpensively change the mood, change the light, add fragrance and warmth and just make you feel good. They are that little extra touch that can make a house a home.

Love Aroma Candles are extra special though and I was delighted when they sent me some of their Christmas range through to review.


Fairy Dust is a lovely scented tin candle ( I do like a tin candle that you can easily store away) and it is so pretty. It is the most popular Lily Flame candle and smells a lot like baby powder with a light flowery fragrance too too. It’s like a breath of beautiful fresh air. It retails at £8.50

The Winter stone glow candle is also gorgeous and looks like frosted, glittering  snow. I adore the smell..according to my son it smells Christmassy but he can’t work out  why  I know what he means ! It combines amber, sandalwood and vanilla and it’s warming and really such a pleasing smell

Last but not least we reviewed a very Christmassy item an Ashleigh & Burwood Warm Winter Punch Pomander its a lovely metal pomander filled with wooden balls  giving aromas range and cinnamon  of clove and black pepper. It just exudes Christmas and looks so pretty too  £9.99

Such lovely products for Christmas and gorgeous gift ideas too. You really cannot beat luxury scented candles or reed diffusers for amazing gift ideas.

Smell is such an often often looked sense but one that can really enhance a home for very little cost .


Love Aroma

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  1. August 2, 2015 / 10:12 am

    This scented candles are really awesome.It’s make our home beautiful.It’s burning time also better than others. It’s design , ingredient are also better .I like it.Thanks for sharing with us.Thank you.

  2. August 20, 2015 / 6:21 am

    These love aroma candles are just awesome.It changes our home environment very nicely.It’s smell,burning time is also good. These candles are cheap also.Anyone who will use it ,he/she can’t forget it.

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