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Lovely ideas for the home and a 20% discount

I was looking at our bed linen  today and thinking it looked  a little worn  and it suddenly dawned on me we have had it about 10 years.


Time to invest in some new bedlinen I think.

I love  great looking, quality bed linen and I like to have several different sets on the go. They have some lovely products over at Linens Direct for the bedroom and in fact the whole house and they are such great value. I have picked out my favourites for each of us!

For our bedroom this lovely Louise duvet set is my stand out favourite.

This would just be gorgeous for my daughter. The owls and friends duvet set  is bright and fun but not too fussy. Super cute.


I think my son would love this football clock in his room

Football Clock

and this cosy football blanket

For myself I am rather taken with this faux fur hot water bottle

For my husband this dog door stop would be just the thing…isn’t he a cutie?

None of these products are at all  expensive and they would all be lovely additions to our home. Really Linens Direct sells such a wide and lovely range of home products .

There is a wonderful offer on at  Linens Direct at the moment too of 20% discount plus free delivery on all orders over £45….pretty fabulous!





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