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How are your New Years resolutions going?

My new years resolutions were, as usual, quite specific.

This year I want to …

1) Move house

2) Lose 6 stone!

3) Save 10k

4) Keep a tidy and organised home

5) Eat to a meal plan

6) Achieve specific targets with my blogs

7) Have  something I have written published.

So how am I doing?

Well I have to say I really am not doing too badly. We have been looking on Right Move and really getting concrete about what we would want from a new house. We have drawn up a saving plan and although very ambitious  I think we can really find a way to save what we need.

3 £20 notes in a jar

On the health front I have already lost 6lbs and am feeling so much better for it. I am doing a weekly weigh in with friends and it seem to be keeping me on track so far. Not at all easy though we still have Christmas chocolate left!

I have given myself clear deadlines for my blog targets and for sending out my work to publishers too and I am determined to keep to them.

I am not rushing though or expecting big things straight away.

I read my horoscope over at TheCircle  (I’m a Virgo) and it said AVOID expecting too much of anyone, especially you. I actually think that is good advice as I often end up frustrated and disappointed. So my goals this year  are simple and  clear and will each take probably 6 months to a year to achieve.

I will go on towards them just one small step at a time.

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