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Quick updates that make all the difference

Quick updates that make all the difference

Sometimes you juts want to give your home a quick refresh without splurging too much, without lots of effort and for no other reasons than it is looking a bit tired. Maybe though you are wanting to sell it and give it a little update before you put it on the market?

There is a lot you can do in regard to a mini makeover that is thrifty simple and straightforward. Here are some speedy update ideas.

1) Sort out the front of your house, clean the front door, perhaps affix a door number or a new knocker, tidy the front lawn, put up a window box and generally say a big WELCOME with your house front. A new doormat never goes amiss either.

2) Tackle your hallway. In your hall, a doormat is a must and a fresh doormat will really give a warmer welcome. A letter rack will keep your papers from looking chaotic and a coat rack by the front door and a shoe rack. Skirting in hallways can take a lot of knocks especially if you have a pushchair or sporty kids. Replacing or updating your skirting boards can make such a difference. A quick lick of paint over scuff marks also works a treat

3) Decluttering is something I must mention at least once a week but that is because ridding your home of clutter is the very quickest and the thriftiest way to make it look all shiny and spacious. So grab your bin liners and step it up!

4) Lampshades can make a room look outdated and dull and if they are faded and jaded replacing them can really lighten and brighten a room. A nifty and speedy update.

5) New duvet covers also make a really impressive little bedroom makeover that combined with a good declutter and perhaps new bedside lights can transform your bedroom.

6) New cushions or sofa covers are also a speedy way to ring the changes and give your lounge an update BUT if you don’t have the funds for new a good clean always works wonders.

7) Fix anything broken – if you aren’t handy yourself then why not hire a handy person on a day rate and get them to do all those little jobs you have been putting off. It makes such a difference to the look and appeal of your home when things are fixed.


What speedy updates have you done in the past that have made a big difference to your home?


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