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A really easy way to hang wall art

I am rather embarrassed to say I am a pretty atrocious at DIY despite running two interiors blog. I also am a tad lazy so quick fix solutions always interest me!

I have heard rather a lot about the Command brand from 3m and their amazing ability to hang pictures and posters. I had also heard their hooks were excellent. Billed as being damage free and really simple to use,

I was keen to try them out.

This small picture above my desk has been hung for two weeks no and is really secure.  It took mere seconds to hand and their was no mess and no worry about drills near electrics just peel back and stick

 easy way to hang wall art

My son changes his mind about what he is into all the time so it’s going to be just fabulous for his posters of Pokemon, or football teams or whatever! it also  worked perfectly to hang this fab Batman picture in his room. The hoook on the back of his door for his school clothes to be hung and for his dressing gown have also worked perfectly


I have recently been reviewing some rather fabulous and super-inexpensive wall art from Desenio and this art is so reasonable I ended p with rather a lot of it. Command strips mean I can easily display the posters and change them regularly as they do (just as they say) leave no damage.

They really do work beautfiully you just have to follow the very simple instructions and press hard!


A super range and a real help for those of us with kids that change their minds a lot and for those of  us who aren’t so handy with a drill!

Check out the Smart Ideas area of commandstrips.co.uk if you’re looking for inspiration and to see the full range of products, they do some fabulous stuff for the bathroom!

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  1. Lavues
    April 12, 2016 / 8:44 am

    Hi there. Im using this to hang wall art too. Is really recommended. Thanks for sharing

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