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Redecorate on a Budget

Redecorate on a budget – easy when you know how!

When you lead a busy life, you want your home to be the perfect place to sit down and unwind. It’s easy to let your home slip out of style and start looking a little tired, especially If you’re on a budget. While home improvements might not be at the top of your agenda, there are some great ways to give your four walls a refresh.

Redecorate on a budget



Home interior trends move at quite a pace and before you know it, your decor can begin to look a little old fashioned. Wallpaper can breathe some new life into a room and a feature wall is perfect for saving some money. Browse DIY shops for the perfect print and take some samples away to see how it fits in your home. If you’re lucky, you may find the same wallpaper online on a selling site. If someone has some spare rolls you could save yourself some money.

Once you’ve found the perfect wall covering for your feature, you can start thinking of paints that will compliment the print. Buying paint in bulk will save you in the long run in case you need to cover over any scuffs or marks on the wall. If your budget allows, have a look on local websites like Gumtree or freecycle for some cheap flooring.


Smaller touches – Redecorate on a Budget

If you don’t have the time or money to completely redecorate, it’s simple to update your surroundings with accessories. Use sites like Pinterest or go out and explore the shops for some inspiration on prints, fabrics, textures and colours. It’s amazing how a new throw or an Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet can completely transform a room!

Buying online means you can get some lovely personal touches to add to your home. For less than a tenner you could get your favourite photograph printed onto canvas to hang up. Lots of websites offer personalisation now on all kinds of products from cushion covers and candles to chopping boards – you’ll find something to suit every house.


Redecorate on a Budget

Bigger buys

If you need bigger items of furniture like sofas or tables, the price could start creeping up. If you are crafty yourself, why not try finding a cheap item that needs restoration. A lick of paint or some new upholstering and you can create an item that looks brand new and it’s unique to your home.


Although eBay and Freecycle are fantastic, you can usually find some even better bargains in charity shops. All town centres usually have a great selection to have a look in, or you can even buy charity shop furniture online from an online charity shop. These can be treasure troves of barely used furniture at a fraction of the original price, plus the money goes to a good cause. It’s easy to dismiss charity shopping but you will be surprised at what you find!




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