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How to Renovate a Run-Down Bathroom on a Budget

How to Renovate a Run-Down Bathroom on a Budget

Bathrooms often receive the least design love. When renovation is being discussed, the living rooms and kitchen can easily become the top priority. Many people are happy to settle with their bathrooms as they are, on the assumption that changes will be costly and offer minimal payoff. However, many of these assumptions are often based on misinformation.

We’re here to reveal how you can add a touch of glamour to your old bathroom without having to break the bank in the process.


Renovate a Run-Down Bathroom on a Budget



Wall Panels

Tiling isn’t the only wall covering that’s available for your bathroom. Shower wall panels are an alternative that is quickly increasing in popularity. They are suitable for use in the bathroom due to their waterproof nature and because they don’t require grouting, they’re generally more hygienic than tiling.

Panels are also easier and cheaper to install than tiling and are available in a range of designs and styles, which are comparable to the artisan tiling options on the market. As a more inexpensive option, wall panels ought to be considered when renovating. By opting for a wall panel upgrade you can give your run-down bathroom a sleek and luxurious feel for less.



One of the most significant aspects of a bathroom remodel is the tiling. Many people are reluctant to go through with a renovation as they are aware of the high costs associated with changing or replacing the tiling. However, there a few ways to address this. One way is to limit the tiling to certain areas. For example, you could focus on the floor rather than tiling the inside of the shower walls.


Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles are likely to be a considerable investment. However, there are ways that you can create a bespoke feel in your bathroom whilst also limiting expense. One idea is using decorative tiling to accentuate plainer tiles. This will make your premium tiling seem even more prominent, and it means you can save a lot of money by only using them where necessary.



Not every fixture in your bathroom will need replacing. In fact, you can often save a substantial amount by refurnishing rather than buying new. For example, you can have your shower/bath relined instead of replacing it at the first sign of wear. This can make a massive difference to the aesthetic of your bathroom, and it means you that can save a fair amount of money in the process. If you are trying to limit expense, you should avoid trying to refurnish a sink or shower fixtures as these can be the more costlier items to refurnish.


Purchase Second-Hand

You can find many used bathroom appliances at fantastic prices second-hand. It is something that not many people tend to consider, yet there are some fantastic bargains out there that can add quality to your bathroom. The pre-owned tag shouldn’t stop you from finding your dream appliance at a substantially lower price

A renovation is the perfect way to inject some life into a run-down bathroom and after reading through this guide, you should realise that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Renovations can be made even on a restricted budget by following these tips, so now you have no excuse to avoid giving some much-needed attention to that bathroom you’ve long been ignoring.

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