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Stop the clock! Quick and easy decorating ideas

Sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of time.

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Sometimes you need to get your home looking fabulous quickly.

Perhaps you have friends coming to visit or even your in-laws?

Maybe you just want to get your home on the market?

Maybe you are just fed up with your surroundings and want a timely spruce up?

Whatever the reason, if you need quick and easy decorating ideas I have a few time and effort saving suggestions for you here.


Touch up your paintwork

A little paint touch up in the same colour as your walls can allow you to cover marks/stains easily without the need for completely repainting. Always keep leftover paint when you decorate for exactly this reason.


Accessorise considerately

Decorating with accessories is simple and swift. Considered accessories can really help complete a room. Clocks with wooden frames in rooms with wooden floors can work so well for example… and wall clocks are such a pretty and practical addition aren’t they?

Yellow cushions in a room with a yellow art print can also give this feeling of cohesion. Rather than aiming for clutter, accessories should be chosen sparingly and carefully to really enhance a room and give it a fresh, complimentary look.


Art is a tremendously speedy way to decorate your home and oh so much less messy than painting!

Personally, I like big and bold rather than small and discreet and I would rather have a few special pieces of art rather than a lot BUT this is entirely personal. The art work you choose can really enhance your home if you tie in colours, themes or styles. I am a huge fan of illustration and have a couple I adore. They are heartfelt, simple and colourful and this is our style throughout our home so our choices work well to decorate our home and seamlessly fit in with its style.

Art can be changed as and when you feel the urge so do opt for standard and plain frames so you can buy a new print as and when you fancy a simple change of decor.




Oh I just think rugs are the best! Such a speedy decorating option and so much less expensive than buying and installing new flooring. I like plain rugs with just a slight pattern on them, nothing too much but enough to add some interest to a room. I do like a nice texture too and rugs are a great way to keep up with trends without huge effort or outlay. Look how this red rug pulls together our cosy den and adds both warmth and texture. In the summer, we simply roll it away for a fresh, more minimalist look.


So I hope these speedy and straightforward decorating tips have made you see how you can quickly update your home.


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Please share the thrifty ♥

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