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Summer 2018s Biggest Garden Trends

2018s Biggest Garden Trends


Summer is just literally around the corner right now and that means, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about whipping your garden into shape for the summer season. If you want to ensure that your garden is one of the best on the block this year, and you want to ensure that you have lots of happy times outdoors, check out 2018s biggest and best garden trends…



Wabi-sabi is a Japanese art that has been used to cultivate beautiful gardens since at least the 15th Century. It is based around accepting the natural cycle of your garden, including life, death, and even decay. This is a great trend for those of you who don’t like to work too hard in the garden because stones and fences covered with moss, pretty perennials that are ever-so-slightly overgrown and the ‘weathered’ look in general are all part and parcel of it. Obviously, you might want to do a little pruning and tidying up around the edges, but if you tell your friends and family all about Wabi-sabi, they won’t think you’re being slovenly and even better, you’ll get to enjoy nature in all of its truly natural glory.


Canopies and Pergolas

Canopies and pergolas have always been popular in some parts of the world, but here in the UK where we don’t typically get quite as much sun, they haven’t been as quick to catch on. However, this year, they are bang on trend and they will ensure that you have a safe, dry and shade space to cook your sausages and sip cocktails long into the evening. Best of all, they’re very cheap and you can even make them yourself with little more than poly carbonate 10mm for the roof and some cheap timber. Paint yours a pretty pastel colour and it will look totally amazing for sure.



2018s Biggest Garden Trends, Becky Goddard-Hill


Because they are so good for the bees, butterflies, birds and a whole host of other cute critters, not to mention the fact that they look absolutely stunning and take very little maintenance, wildflower meadows are set to be huge right now, and if you want a beautiful rainbow of colours all of your own in the back garden, you’ll need to get planting as soon as possible. It’s well worth the effort.


Indoors Outdoors

It’s perhaps more common to bring the outdoors indoors with plants and flowers, but a big garden trend this year is the complete opposite, The indoors outdoors look basically asks you to bring more comfy furniture such as couches and armchairs, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pizza ovens (if you can afford them) and anything else that gives you the comforts of home in the garden, out into the space. If you love entertaining, it’s the perfect way to transform your outside space.


The Verdure Palette

The Verdure palette was created by Pantone and it consists of the colours you’d usually find in woodland or areas of lush vegetation such as berry purples and reds, eggshell blues, forest greens and even rusty wood tones. Using this colour scheme in your garden with your choice of plants, flowers and pots will ensure that your garden looks amazing.


Time to get your wellies on?


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