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Ted Baker Homeware

Ted baker homeware

Are you a bit surprised to find Ted Baker Homeware on my Thrifty Home blog?

A bit too pricey you might think? A bit too designer-y?

I am  huge fan of Ted Baker and I am strong believer that if you shop smart you can probably always have a little of what you fancy.

If you haven’t yet come across them I am happy to report Ted Baker homewares are lovely, as stylish and as colourful as Ted Baker fashion and they make my little heart beat faster!

Let me show you a few of my favourites from their beautiful range.


Aren’t they just lovely?


My favourites!

The peony cushion currently has 30% off and costs just £17.50.

Oh my this glorious candle (such a nice gift idea) has 29% off and is £19.99.

The Arlo grape throw has 51 % off – wow! And is now retailing at £80.

These fabulous Ted Baker sales items  are all at different stores but I didn’t spend hours searching for them. Oh no, I have a much better trick up my sleeve for finding designer brands I love at sales prices.

Just by searching Ted Baker Sale over at Love the Sales I can see Ted Baker sales from all around the internet. Then I just  simply click through on the items and go through to the store that sells them. It is so simple and such an efficient way to shop the sales.   Love the Sales partners with over 600 stores so does all the work for you. A brilliant way to speedily find designer brands in the sale!

You can have thrifty home that is gorgeous, and you can buy designer brands on a budget-  you just have to be a bit savvy about how you shop!


A simple treat

Why not pop over to my family Budgeting blog and try my 3 ingredient easy shortbread recipe for another simple and inexpensive treat




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