The Simple Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Transform Your Home

At this time of year, we’ve all got that one thing on our minds – the dreaded spring clean. Because as much as you may clean (almost) every inch of your house on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you still have to do this big ordeal every single spring. There’s just something about those long drawn-out winter nights that mean you have to really give the house a good once over to ensure it’s spring ready. To help you, the below infographic has got some great points that will make your house feel transformed. And here are some favorites…

1. The Fridge

We’d all like to think that our fridges are super duper clean at all times, but they might not be. Taking to it with some good old-fashioned soapy water is going to help you make sure that it definitely is clean and ready to house your tasty food.

2. Vacuum Clean

It’s only normal to think that your vacuum has a smell – but it shouldn’t. If you want to get rid of that old musty stench, then it’s time to use a perfume pad or to DIY it with scented oils.

3. Clean The Brushes

Even when you’re great at cleaning, you don’t always remember to clean the cleaning utensils themselves! So make sure you give your brushes a good old clean to remove the dust and dirt this spring. And don’t forget to check the infographic for five other handy hints.

The Simple Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Transform Your Home
Infographic Design By Appliance Hunter

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