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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Bespoke Lounge

Creating A Bespoke Lounge

Forget the kitchen! In our house, it is the lounge that is the heart of the home. However, decorating this area can be tricky! The reason for this is because you can end up having a gorgeous space that just doesn’t fit your family or what you use this area is used for, and that is why it’s crucial to use trends carefully and to create a bespoke space that perfectly fits you and yours. Something you can read about how to do below.


Ornaments with significance

Most folks have a few ornaments or objet d’art in their living rooms. However to stop your place looking like a show home and to ensure it looks like a real home, it’s a good idea to pick these mindfully.

What this translates to is that items bought solely for their aesthetic value should be minimised, while items that have more of a sentimental significance are better. That means if there is a piece that you know you would set off your space a treat, why not wait and get it as a birthday, anniversary, or mother’s day gift? Then it will not only be aesthetically pleasing but help to personalise the space as well.

Gallery wall

Next, a fantastic way of creating a bespoke lounge area is to put up a gallery wall. These are walls or areas in the lounge on which you hang multiple pictures. Something that creates a beautiful visual focal point and is incidentally, very on trend right now.

Get some advice on how to hang a gallery wall the easy way in the video above.

The thing about making a gallery wall is that while many people may have them, you get to choose the picture frames and the images that you display, making it a supremely personal and bespoke way of decorating. Pick from prints of your favourite artworks, family pictures, or evens landscapes of places that you have visited.

You can even mix all three and throw in a little of your own original art as well if you are in a creative mood. Something that will guarantee that no one else in the world with has a bespoke gallery wall that is quite like yours.


What do you love to do in this space?

Lastly, to achieve an effective and bespoke lounge, you need to think long and hard about what such a space is used for and let the interior design, decoration, and furnishings reflect that.

Do you love to hang out and watch movies there? Then long sofas with plenty of pillows and throws to snuggle under are a great choice. However, if it’s more a room when you and your friends and family go for taking and reading, then you might want to consider upright seating like armchairs with footstools, facing one another.

Of course, if it’s more of a family playroom where the kids get to use their toys then providing some soft matting for sitting is more suitable. Additionally some storage so the kid’s stuff doesn’t take over the entire space would be a more appropriate way of making the room bespoke to your needs.


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